Triple Cross


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 2003


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Christopher Plummer as Eddie Chapman
Yul Brynner as Baron Von Grunen
Romy Schneider as Helga Lindstrom aka The Countess
Gert Fröbe as Colonel Steinhager
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Amusing spy-story about a double agent during WWII and allegedly based on true events

This espionage-Flic based on fact concerns an astute safe-cracker named David Chapman (Christopher Plummer) who encounters himself working for both contenders in the 40s , as the German secret service commanded by a baron (Yul Brynner) and a colonel (Get Frobe) , and British military (led by Trevor Howard and Jess Hahn) . Meanwhile , he falls in love with a gorgeous resistance fighter (Claudine Auger) and a mysterious German countess (Romy Schneider) . Chapman attempts to cheat both sides and play each other . The he's sent a dangerous mission and parachuted in England with objective to reconnaissance and factory's sabotages . He's even decorated by General Von Runstedt (Marcel Journet).

Based on real events starred by a true bank robber named Eddie Chapman , this film packs action , suspense , warlike feats and being quite entertaining. First-rate main cast as Christopher Plummer as an amoral but sympathetic double agent adding a bemusing touch , Yul Brynner as a disillusioned German officer, Von Stauffemberg-alike , and a splendid Get Frobe as a cunning Colonel . Ample and stunning supporting cast with a magnificent Trevor Howard , and the beautiful Claudine Auger and Romy Schneider, among others . Here appears uncredited prestigious secondaries , such as Gordon Jackson , Howard Vernon , Bernard Fresson and Gordon Jackson . Colorful and evocative cinematography by Henry Alekan , Terence Young's usual cameraman (Mayerling , Poppies are also flowers) . Enjoyable musical score by George Garvarentz in a James Bond style . The motion picture was professionaly directed by Terence Young , but contains some flaws and gaps , though tension at times, as well . The film was realized in his best period when he made the classic Bonds films (Dr No, From Russia with love and Thunderball). In fact Young directed actors who played in James Bond movies as Claudine Auger-Thunderball and Anthony Dawson-Dr. No and also performed Gert Frobe who made Goldfinger and Terence wanted his Dr. No leading lady Ursula Andress to star opposite Christopher Plummer . Rating : 6/10 : Acceptable and passable.

Reviewed by cook-gareth 7 / 10

Aircraft ID for Zipper69

Quite right, it is definitely not a German plane. The aircraft is a 1946 French SNCAC Martinet.

This was enjoyable to watch on a quiet evening at home. It was particularly interesting for me because I knew nothing of Edward Chapman's charmed life and wartime exploits so now I would like to know more about him and I'll be tempted to read up a bit and do some research about him.

The film was well made with good production values and direction. My complaint is with the editing which was off kilter at times. The story line was abrupt and frequently resulted in too many fast changes. For instance we needed to see how Edward Chapman got passage on the vessel to Lisbon.

Reviewed by Zipper69 5 / 10

Fantasy based on fact.

The ghost of Bond is fairly obvious here. Plummer as the real life safe cracker Eddy Chapman is suitably suave and charming and Yul Brynner is his normal stiff martinet (with added monocle)and Romi Schneider is "okay" (the love scenes are mostly a dud and show little chemistry between Romi and Chris). The production design is pretty good, lots of authentic uniforms and arms, plus plenty of genuine WW2 trucks and cars, the naughty Nazis are a tad stereotypical, but the conference scenes in the Paris hotel are well produced. Perhaps an aircraft buff can identify the twin engined plane used in several sequences, it certainly didn't look German! Overall an entertaining way of passing the time with few phony heroics.

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