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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spgreen-36239 7 / 10

Good, but could be better.

I enjoyed the background and interviews, but wanted more. I can't believe John Carpenter was not included. I am not sure if he is being slighted by Hollywood for doing his own thing, but he deserved to be included. Another slight was the recently deceased Johann Johannsson. Johann was one of the most innovative modern film composers and will be deeply missed. I also wished they would have revisited the guy with the Piano in the valley to see what he did with that unique set up.

Reviewed by rzajac 4 / 10

Not at the level I expected

I figured this'd be a study of film music with breadth and depth, but it was largely a silly parade of people spouting film music frippery, interwoven with clips and so forth. Subjective takes on the effect this or that bit of film music had on a cavalcade of talking heads is NOT worth sitting through.

Yes, every now and then there's something of objective value, so I give the flick a few stars.

If you have some musical knowledge or are interesting in backstories of film-scorers experiences, look elsewhere.

Reviewed by Thomas Pickett 7 / 10

I think I just need to make a Jerry Goldsmith Documentary

Maybe it is too much to cover the whole history of film music in one film. The golden age of cinema is overlooked and the silver age is touched on in this film. They started talking about Jerry Goldsmith then quickly cut over to John Williams. John Williams is a great composer, I think his best work is Superman (1979) that whole score is great. But we know Williams because he scored Lucas and Spielberg. All the other composers didn't have that exposure. What about Basil Poledouris Conan? Or James Horner's earlier work like Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan?

And going back to Goldsmith. The guy has the greatest library as a whole such creativity, experimentation. The film does show composers fiddling with instruments to get a certain sound. Guess who started that? Goldsmith. Who experimented with moog and electronics? Goldsmith. Guess who wrote the creepiest song ever for the anti christ? Goldsmith!

I guess I would say to anyone that is a slightest of a fan of this music, just start listening there is so much great stuff out there. And a lot of it is on Youtube, which I hope stays up there so people can learn and enjoy these people's work.

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