The Lighthouse



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Michael Jibson as Thomas Howell
Mark Lewis Jones as Thomas Griffiths
Ian Virgo as Company Man #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Cheap and boring

THE LIGHTHOUSE is a cheap and boring drama that follows the mental disintegration of two lighthouse keepers affected by isolation and the rigours of their job. It sounds interesting and is based on a true story, but the execution here is horrible. You get long-winded conversations and back stories from two very dull characters interspersed with the occasional poor-quality green-screen outdoor effect. The monster flick COLD SKIN is much, much more interesting.

Reviewed by spikeneil-84-836952 4 / 10

20 minutes ruined a decent film.

It was a very enjoyable film and then the final 20-30 minutes killed it for me. Religious nonsense certainly has a way of ruining everything!!

Reviewed by Sawyer-4815162342 4 / 10

Weird and Moody Historical Movie (Very Minor Spoilers)

This story of 2 lighthouse keepers (set in 1801) feels like it has the potential to be good, but eventually lets the viewer down.

Not much happens in the first third. Just 2 guys in a lighthouse, basically. And it ends up being the best act. The two main characters don't say much and I think that might be why it's the best part of the movie. No offense to the actors, but I feel like as the movie progressed and the script called for increasingly demanding performances the actors fell a little short.

In the 2nd act a storm hits and things start getting a little weird. The characters find a hidden stash of whiskey and get drunk a lot. I expected more of a "man vs nature/the elements" aspect to this movie. Instead, it's more about 2 guys, some whiskey and a decent into madness.

The 3rd act was so weird that I started to lose interest. Without giving any specific spoilers, the decent into madness I mentioned earlier ends up consuming the whole movie. The storm and the lack of supplies are hardly addressed.

The tone and look of the movie are dark. Lots of low light situations where it's a little hard to see whats going on on the screen. It's hard to describe, but the feel of the movie is just weird The movie also contain some pretty bad dialogue clichés. Mentioning them would be hard to do without spoilers, but I'll just say the script was weak in some places.

Lastly, I want to know how a light house in 1801 had some sort of gear-driven rotating mechanism. It was never shown or explained how such a thing works. For a movie called "The Lighthouse" I would have liked to learn more about the actual lighthouse. It sounds weird to me too, but during the boring parts I found myself wondering about that. Might have to google it later.

Overall, although I wanted to like this movie, the beginning made me think it had potential, but sadly that potential got thrown in the trash as the movie got weirder and darker. I could only recommend this to someone who is in the mood for weirdness and lunacy, and doesn't mind the times that the scrip or acting fall a little short.

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