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Stan Laurel as Stan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Spondonman 9 / 10

What Is The Meaning Of This? A Beacon Of Light.

The Music Box was the first programme on TV that I saw my daughter really laugh at, aged 14 months in 1981, when the piano dragged Ollie at speed down the steps yet again. Probably also the first thing I laughed at too and at the moment the last in the latest of hundreds of times! Well, Laurel & Hardy shaped my and millions of others' senses of humour so I like to think hers was as well. Kids today who get the chance to see this and who can't get past the pre-digital black & white images to the gold that lies within are not only missing a treat but are probably also making an crucial life-choice too. All of the human condition is contained herein, therefore making it essential viewing also for extra-terrestrials!

They have to deliver a piano to an address - all kinds of catastrophes follow thick and fast. The gags are so perfectly written and executed, and are as utterly relentless as Stan & Ollie's drive to deliver the piano come Hell or pond-water. High-class slapstick disasters follow each other every minute of the 27 (un-remastered version), usually happening to Ollie - although Billy Gilbert's cosy little love-nest was looking a little dishevelled by the climax! The steps have been a Los Angeles tourist attraction for many years now, maybe the most fitting monument to L & H that there could be - if you like this little film that is!

All in all and probably predictably my favourite L & H outing, notwithstanding the similar brilliance of Sons Of The Desert, County Hospital, Thicker than Water, Busybodies, Below Zero etc etc etc.

Reviewed by Sonatine97 9 / 10

The Best of the Best of the Best

L&H are without doubt the best comedy double act of all time regardless of media format. Its amazing that their best movies are now 70 years old and yet remain timeless in their humour and inventiveness.

I've had the pleasure of seeing most of their movies - shorts & full format - and all of them have their own individual quirky qualities that other comedians still can't fathom.

The Music Box won them a well-deserved Oscar and although it is an excellently choreographed movie I personally don't think its their very best.

However, my opinion doesn't matter because any L&H fan will regard this movie as their favourite. The story is so simple yet so inventive and full of kinetic & emotive energy.

Stan & Ollie have to deliver a Piano to a highly strung guy who can't stand pianos. But just to make life a little interesting the guy's home just happens to be perched on a hill with the longest flight of steps in history to whit S&O have to push & pull their awkward delivery.

Some of the gags we've seen many times before but it doesn't matter because the added sparkle derives from the human emotions & expressions delivered with such panache from Stan & the long suffering Ollie - the way he looks-to-camera in a pleading kind of way just drives me wild with laughter & sympathy.

I can't find a single fault with this movie short, except that it just flies by so quickly. How I wish today's contemporary comedy writers could spend a few hours in a dark room watching how the masters of comedy produce such wonderful scripts. It proves that there is no need to have cheap & vulgar language, innuendo & explicit violence to make any audience, young or old, laugh with mirth.

The Golden Age of comedy is dead, long live the Golden Age; long live Laurel & Hardy!!!


Reviewed by Gimli_son_of_Gloin_9 10 / 10

You want to laugh, cry...but mostly strangle the pair of them!!!!

The Laurel & Hardy Transfer Company Foundered 1931 are to deliver a piano which has been bought as a birthday gift by a wife for her husband. All is going fine for the to until helpful postman Charlie Hall (for once not in a role with a grudge against the boys) tell them, that the house they are looking for is at the top of the stoop - in other words on a big hill with lots of stairs between them and it! After practically flattening Ollie taking the piano of their cart, they proceed to take the piano up the stairs. Lots of straining later, half-way up they encounter a nanny with a pram trying to pass. Being the typical gentlemen, Ollie try's to assist the lady - leaving Stan holding onto the piano. Stan (being Stan) joins to help - leaving the piano to it's own devices which decides it would like to go down all the stairs to the bottom. Stan being fed up with the nanny being in hysterics at the pairs misfortune, he promptly kicks her "right in the middle of her daily duties" as she later explains to a policemen. The policemen encounters the two when they are back again half-way up the stairs with the piano. Stan goes down (at Ollie's insistence) to see what he wants - only to be told it's Ollie he wants to talk to (as he believes Ollie kicked the nanny). After letting go of the piano it once again finds it's way at the bottom - only this time with Ollie in tow. Back to square one. Up they go again this time to meet a grand gentlemen who wishes to pass. Ollie (very wisely) suggests he should walk around. The man explodes and we learn that he is a Professor and is too important to walk around. Anyone wearing a hat as large as his had better say farewell to it as courtesy of the boys, it rolls all the way down the stairs and under the wheels of a vehicle below. Stan & Ollie finally get to the top but Ollie mistakes the steps to the pond as the last few stairs to go. Splash! Ringing the doorbell Stan, guarding the piano wanders away leaving it to trundle it's merry way down all the stairs! When the boys finally get back up again the same helpful postman informs them that they should have driven up a road that would have led them to the top - instead of using the stairs. This being Stan & Ollie they proceed to take the piano back down the stairs again so they can come back up the "corret" way!

When they once again reach the top, and finding no-body home, Ollie suggest taking the piano through an open window on the top floor - not even checking to see if the front door is open. When they eventually get the piano into the house after a series of mishaps including Ollie and the piano falling into the pond, as well as confusion over who owns which hat - the when comes to open the case, which due to the fact it went for a paddle in the pond is full of water. Not a problem, as Stan very thoughtfully sponges the water with his handkerchief and wrings it out in Ollies hat. Some more mishaps follow in which the room is wrecked. To the music of the piano the duo have a little dance whilst clearing up the mess. The Professor, finds his home destroyed, a piano (a thing he loathes) and the same two who caused him grief previously in his house. In a rage he sets about destroying the piano - only for his wife to walk in who bought it as a birthday gift for him. The husband and wife make up and the Professor wishes to make amends with Stan & Ollie. All they want is for him to sign their delivery paper, but as they pass him a pen the ink squirts in the professor's face and the two scurry away with him in hot pursuit.

Very predictable. Very Laurel & Hardy. Very funny!!

The plot is so simple yet it is probably Laurel & Hardy's most memorable film. This shows their genius and their appeal more so than any other. It also shows them at the height of their wonderful career. It is a real mixture of laughing out loud, holding your hands over your eyes, sighing in exasperation or feeling you would like to knock their heads together. No matter how many time you see it you always feel the same. Their films give so much pleasure and you always walk away smiling.

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