London Fields


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 2905


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Amber Heard as Nicola Six
Johnny Depp as Chick Purchase
Cara Delevingne as Kath Talent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mikehavekin 2 / 10


I'm going to be brief: Jim Sturgess overacts so much it's embarrassing, my neighbours three dogs bark from the minute they leave to when they get back, Jim is way more irritating than them. It's like amateur dramatics night.

Give this one a wide berth.

Reviewed by onestopconcepts 1 / 10

Non sensical

This movie made no sense. Transitions were non existent, the character development was poor except for the main character who only seemed to make her appearance known by sleeping with all the male actors for no apparent reason. This was waste of money.

Reviewed by stevendbeard 3 / 10

Messed Up Weird Movie

I saw "London Fields", starring Amber Heard-Justice League, Machete Kills; Billy Bob Thornton-The Bad Santa movies, On Deadly Ground; Jim Sturgess-Geostorm, Across the Universe and Theo James-The Underworld movies, Golden Boy_tv. This is a messed up, weird movie. And I like different types of movies, but this one is just strange. First off, it is about 3 years old-made in 2015-and I know this because of 2 things. First, I read the end credits and it had the date. Second, Amber's ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp makes a cameo and their scenes together are anything but antagonistic towards each other-in case you may be unfamiliar with their real life situation, they had a real bad messy break up. There are other cameos-Jaimie Alexander & Jason Isaacs just to name two-that are short and have no real reason for them doing them in the first place. Anyway, the plot goes something like this: Amber plays a woman living in England and she is clairvoyant. She sees her own murder but she's not a very good clairvoyant because she can only narrow her killer down to 3 men that she meets in a bar. Billy Bob, Jim and Theo. So her plan, you might ask? She decides to have an affair with each one. Billy Bob is a writer, Theo is a businessman and Jim is a darts player. A lot of things in the movie just don't make sense-maybe it was edited a lot in the last 3 years. Oh, and the movie title, London Fields, is the name of the book that Billy Bob is writing but I don't remember seeing any fields-the book is about Amber. It's rated "R" for violence, drug use, language and sexual content-including nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour & 58 minutes. I would not buy this on DVD. I wouldn't rent it, either. If you really want to see this movie, I would wait until it comes to cable tv.

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