Horror / Mystery

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Kate Dickie as Fisher
Gaia Weiss as Rachel Black
Tom Hughes as Eric Black
Greta Scacchi as Glenys Black
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by watcher2019 8 / 10

great film

Not sure if you would call this a real horror film. More thriller than anything. Great acting as its always difficult to carry a film on your own. It was mostly the shepherd the whole time. A bit disappointing at the end. Dont let that put you off its well worth the watch just for the haunting scenery.

Reviewed by manuelasaez 7 / 10

Atmospheric horror as an art form

From the very first frame, this movie oozes atmosphere. It seems effortless, but the people responsible for this movie want you to believe it is. But everything is so meticulously crafted, you start to wonder if any of it was really deliberate or if these people just got lucky. I mean, horror isn't exactly the first genre you think of when you think of movies being an art form, is it?

As a huge stickler for cinematography, I truly believe that even the lamest, most boring film is made infinitely better if it is pretty to look at. This movie movie not only delivered, but exceeded all of my (albeit, low) expectations. Every single frame of this movie could stand alone as a framed photograph in an art exhibition, and it's not just the expansive shots of the various parts of Scotland and Wales that made it a joy to watch, it was also the way the camera itself was used to frame what transpired on screen. In ugly movies, the camera just sits there with no semblance of coordination or even a passing understanding of visual aesthetic (B-movies are the prime example of that). This movie felt like the whole visual team worked as a cohesive whole that understood that camera placement, framing and positioning are just as important at conveying what is going on in a given scene as the action itself. There aren't many horror films that do this effectively, and the ones that do are few and far between (The Witch, Hereditary,& Midsommar to name a few). This was just a breathtaking movie to watch for me, personally, and the visual team should be commended and given raises for the work they did on this film.

That being said, the movie itself, while incredibly atmospheric and creepy as all get out, could have done more to push the boundaries of the story it was trying to tell. I felt that things could have gone further with the reasoning behind the actions taking place, but so much of it was left to ambiguity that it made for a less than satisfying ending. I wanted more of a definitive end to the story instead of one that was left to the imagination.

The acting was stupendous, the score was effective and nerve wracking, and the length of the film was just right, telling an interesting story with a good pace for the duration of the film. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed by this film and while 2022 just started, it's one of the better films I've seen so far. I eagerly await this directors next film, and if this one is any indication, it can only get better from here.

Reviewed by vengeance20 2 / 10

Dull As Dirt

So, I seen this a few nights ago as it was a Horror & thought it might be good.

The film follows a young man named Eric Black, who after the death of his unfaithful wife tries to move on & gets a job as a Shepherd on an island in a cottage. But his past starts to haunt him & a supernatural occurrence starts to boils as he spends time in the cottage in complete isolation.

I found the film to be pretty dull, while I know it's mostly centered on a man who is isolated & fighting off demons, real & mentally, but still the film for the first 20 minutes or so was bland & even when it did start to get going the impact was pretty flat & annoying. The pacing & runtime were off also, at 1 hour & 40 minutes, the film could've been 20 minutes shorter & got to the point.

The visuals were creepy/sinister & the atmosphere also was pretty creepy/sinister, so that was good at least. Sadly, those were the only 2 redeeming features.

The ending was weird & not well explained, I mean, the twist was interesting, but it wasn't explained what happened at the end, was it another hallucination or was Eric really cursed in the films universe? It's not really clear. The film itself felt pretty empty & isolated, yes I know the film was centered on a young man fighting away physical & mental demons but still, it makes for pretty dull viewing if there's not a lot to go on.

Overall, it's not a great film. Aside from some creepy/sinister visuals & atmosphere, it was pretty dire for the most part unfortunately.


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