Side Effects


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 168647


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Rooney Mara as Emily Taylor
Channing Tatum as Martin Taylor
Jude Law as Dr. Jonathan Banks
Mamie Gummer as Kayla
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richard-fieldhouse 6 / 10

Clever as you watch, but flawed in retrospect

Initially this film seems like a fairly straight indictment of an overly commercial drugs industry as a woman on anti-depressants kills her husband shortly after his release from prison for insider trading. As the story unfolds, though, the issues become more nuanced.

Rooney Mara puts in a good performance as the depressed wife, Emily Taylor. Jude Law is also strong in the part of the struggling doctor whose life is thrown into turmoil after prescribing the new drug and who cannot quite accept that all is as it seems.

Once the film is over, though, and the plot played through to its conclusion, things seem somehow unsatisfactory. The characters don't feel quite right and inconsistencies niggle in my mind. Ultimately, I feel a little cheated. Could things really have happened like this? I'm not convinced.

Reviewed by frukuk 3 / 10

Fatal flaw: Dr Banks never really seriously loses control

If this film is essentially about Dr Banks' loss of control and whether he can regain it, then the film fails because he never really seriously loses control.

To care about whether Dr Banks can regain control, I needed to see and really feel that he'd lost control, but I never did. I'm not sure if this is down to the script, the direction or Jude Law's performance; but the whole film is rather unaffecting, so it seems to be more of a systemic issue (e.g. script and/or direction).

Overall, things felt rather pre-ordained, as if each character was simply doing what was necessary to move the plot along to the required conclusion.

Reviewed by Stephen Bird 7 / 10

Stay off the drugs kids

An all too real possibility of what can happen when you're under the influence of drugs, even prescription drugs; "Side Effects" hit home hard with me purely because I am on the same kind of medication poor Emily was subjected to in this film.

Well thought out and well made, "Side Effects" doesn't show off or dazzle as films generally try to do, instead it's a wake up call for people in reality..., there's a fantastic twist to the tale in the end, that Emily was faking depression and mental illness in order to knowingly murder her husband.

The acting was great especially from Jude Law, although Rooney Mara seemed to be disinterested at times and appeared to be just going through the motions; Channing Tatum is a fine young actor with bagfuls of talent, it was a shame to see him killed off before the film really started to pick up, although this of course was a necessity.

The film promised to be a bit a dull so thank goodness for the amazing plot twist during the final third, it helped notch the overall film up a few points. Indeed the beginning was something of a screw you to pharmaceutical companies, until the plot swerved away from that device with its clever twist.

It was sad to see Hollywood using mental illness as a subject for a plot, especially when they pretty much butchered it like they did, other films have used the subject of mental health in a far more respectful way, it was way borderline for sure.

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