Destination: Dewsbury



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hello-31327 5 / 10

Interesting British film

Not a bad effort for a British film. It was funny at times but not hysterically. The story was simple but keeps you watching and the acting is acceptable. Worth a watch if nothing else catches your fancy

Reviewed by bazroberts48 1 / 10

Derivative garbage

I was quite surprised to see that Jack Spring was 19 when this was made. I would have guessed at 12 yrs old. This predictable, unfunny mess would not even get a look in on You've Been Framed. All the ideas obviously ripped shamelessly without humour from TV comedies, comedy films, you name it. The cast pulling funny faces is the peak of sophistication here. Its all been done before Jack and ten times better. Come back when you get any ideas of your own. The worrying thing is that someone can get funding to try to launch their career on the back of apparent plagiarism.

Reviewed by foreverkeogh 10 / 10

Really funny film with lots of laughs and heart too

So if you want something that will make you laugh, like the Inbetweeners style comedy and want to see what can be made in a very small budget, then this gross out British comedy is for you. If you prefer more refined films thwn there are plenty of others that you can watch instead.

It's purposely purile, raucously silly and even has a little heart too with an emotional ending.

Watch, enjoy, eat a pizza and have a few beers.

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