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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tresm87 8 / 10

Prey is a back to basics return to form with tremendous atmosphere and suspense that unfortunately won't be experienced in theater.

As a lifelong fan of this franchise I am admittedly biased. Since the revolutionary classic first film, Fox/hollywood have made 4 sequels all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed/ still critiqued. A perfect sequel hasn't been made imo and may never be, but I can say this new film has the closest effective wilderness ambience/suspense to the first film and that warrants great praise.

I was skeptical with a few things judging by the trailer but seeing the final product I can say that no matter the logic holes in the mismatch of Pred vs prey , the film is executed quite well. The settings are phenomenal and amplify the overall product. Dan Trachtenberg has a keen eye for detail as seen in 10 cloverfield lane and shows it once again. The costume design captures a completely different timeframe awesomely as well as shows a new more prehistoric predator that might be the coolest visually yet. Cgi effects are used sparingly which is a breath of fresh air but when utilized very believable. Music and sound is crisp and powerful and adds so much. The acting is bare bones but for the story it has to be as far as context.

It's a shame that this had to be only streaming as it should have been in theater. The scenery is fantastic. But regardless it's a surprising return to roots as far as the back to basics setting and suspense aspects. It's another welcome sequel and should be seen by any predator fan or action fan.

Reviewed by jrwells-52741 4 / 10

Another bad sequel

The very obvious elephant in the room that has been beat to death is the woke bs in this movie, im not even gonna touch on that because I'm sure you will see it everywhere. The movie is not very good, bad cgi, forgettable cannon fodder characters, " shaman magic", plot conveniences and mild nostalgia baiting are a just a few of reasons this ones a stinker. The main character manages to survive at least two run ins with the predator for almost no other reason than a very absent minded alien killing machine. Also she just magically happens to know the predator can see body heat somehow and can just beat down on the predator when she gets angry even though Arnies walking protein shake of a character barely survived a fight with one but whatever. Seriously the high reviews look like they were written by bots or something. There are youtube short films about The Predator with more soul and quality than this movie.

Reviewed by DongDiggity 2 / 10

When You're Out Of Ideas....

Overall, if this was not a predator film it would have been okay but since it is, that's the major problem. While I'm sure natives could have taken out a predator with overwhelming force, I don't think they would have. Why? Because history shows that they would more than likely worshipped it. That being said.... About this film.

The first film which has the most praise had two special forces teams almost wiped out, the previous team before dutch arrived was wiped out.

Then, the 2nd film had one predator take out loads of armed thugs and it seemed it was going on before the film started.

So for context, the two best films in the series had set up these predators were tough to deal with. The other films are worse in all ways though predators is actually decent. That one captured the spirit of the first one and is much better than this new film on every level.

When you look at the first film, the second, and even predators one thing stands out.... You need to be smart and adaptive to beat them.

This idea works in the favor of the new one however it's insane to think that such a small person could take down a predator. While the character may be smart, in all the films the predator kicks the crap out of the lead character, a beating that a small female certainly can't take. Sorry, but it's true. That's the thing with this film, they wanted to make a female led predator movie and in Hollywood wisdom they came up with this!

I mean why not continue off of predators which is generally liked? Why not work in a female lead that doesn't feel forced, like in Alien? I'm all for females kicking butt but so many films made today fail to do it well, it's sad.

That all being said, this film isn't complete doggy-do but it is not the predator film that comes close to the original... Sequel... Or even predators.

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