Sky High


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 73%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 72328


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Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Gwen Grayson / Royal Pain
Bruce Campbell as Coach Boomer
Kurt Russell as Steve Stronghold / The Commander
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Khun Kru Mark 9 / 10

Much better than the high brow rubbish made since!

'Sky High' is an excellent and irreverent movie which is both funny and exciting. I can't imagine anyone not having a good time watching this.

The 'hippy' character of Layla (Danielle Panabaker) is hilarious and she's also a joy to look at, too! Worth the cost of a ticket neat the front! Bruce Cambell as Coach Boomer is also great fun. And watch out for Dave Foley as the hapless Mr Boy!

The names are great, too... One conflicted superhero is called "Warren Peace!" Geddit? War and peace! Other great names like Principal Powers (Lynda Carter), Carbon Copy Kid, Speed, Lash and many more!

Young Will discovers his 'superpower' late in life and battles the forces of evil to save the world! Along the way, he loses and then gets the girl, passes through the superhero training and finally gets the approval of his parents.

There's a lot going on to keep track of but the common glue is the strength of the characters. It's squarely aimed at kids, but this late 50s oldie had a blast, too. A few reviews have drawn parallels between this and Harry Potter... and I can see why. The tales are similar.

This is way better than the high brow superhero movies that have polluted the movie circuit for the last decade with the possible exception being Deadpool.

Reviewed by Danielle 8 / 10

Cute and fun

The main reason I watched this movie was because of Danielle Panabaker, who I love. I may be biased, but I think her character, Layla, was the best in the movie. But anyway, I originally thought this movie was from Disney Channel. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was not. Turns out, I did not know anything about this movie. I remember when I was younger and still watched Disney Channel, they would often play this movie, but I never saw it. Because I thought it was made by Disney Channel, I expected it to be so cheesy and cringey. But it wasn't. It was fun and cute, and it had great messages about equality. It was funny watching Kurt Russell. And I also thought it was funny that one of Danielle Panabaker's earliest movies was about people with superpowers, and how she would later act on The Flash where she plays yet another character with superpowers. It was also hilarious when you first see Sky High school, and you are shown a kid who can freeze people (just like Killer Frost) and a guy who can run super fast named Speed (just like the Flash and all speedsters for that matter).

Reviewed by stormhawk2018 6 / 10

Harry Potter meets the Avengers

Super fun mix of high school teen drama and comic book superheroes. I also loved the conceit of casting Kurt Russell in a Disney film, which is where he got his start in films like "Follow Me, Boys" and "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes." That aside, it's a fun story about a young teen, a likable Michael Angarano, who's parents are the most powerful superheroes in the world, Russell and Kelly Preston, and he is to start his freshman year at the secret superhero high school (which floats on a giant platform in the sky and to which you get to by a flying bus). Freshman are divided into "heroes" or "sidekicks." Angarano is made a sidekick for his lack of powers and make friends with the other uncool sidekicks, who are buried by the popular heroes. It's all pretty typical teen drama when the freshman later becomes cool and must decide if he wants to stay loyal to his outcast sidekick pals or hang out with the cooler heroes. That part of the film works quite well, but it's made all the more fun when you throw in superheroes, super villains, secret weapons and old grudges. The film is also greatly helped by a strong comic supporting cast that includes Kevin Heffernan, Bruce Campbell, Cloris Leachman, Jim Rash, Dave Foley as sidekick teacher Mr. Boy and Kevin McDonald as a very funny Mr. Medulla, Tom Kenny, and the voice of Patrick Warburton, and a very cute Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the cool-kid love interest. You even get Lynda Carter as the principal. Top all this off with a fun soundtrack that consists of covers of 80s classics (who implies a flashback from 2005 to 1985, because songs such as: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", "And She Was" or "Voices Carry" are from this year) and you have probably the best Disney live- action film in years.

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