I'm Not Here



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Sebastian Stan as Steve
Mandy Moore as Mom
Maika Monroe as Karen
J.K. Simmons as Steve
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10

a headsmasher of bad conscience

J.k.simons are the old man in this pretty heartbreaking, and spiritual filmmaking, and doing that without uttering one word through the whole film. its kind of final countdown ,and an alltime high on reminiscence with flashback that every elderly person goes through without remorse either the memories are good or bad,they will always turn up.

the flashback of childhood and young adulthood are the real booster of this drama, and the acting are great all over the castline,but especially the childactors are good. the settings and timewise production design make everything believable. the score are just a sound in the background,but when the feature songs comes it is so darn perfect..the filmography are great, and the changing between light and dark, at times nearly black to colour are brilliantly done. slowpaced yes, but try to unwrap yourself from it , thats a difficult task...

the grumpy old man,who are experiencing similar experiences of life like the main character, does recommend this, and with 8 to 10 stars awarded

Reviewed by mikkiparker 8 / 10


Excellent story showing struggles of an old drunk man who fights his addiction all his life, slowly ruining it till he's left alone. The storyline is short and filled with really touching moments. Definitely recommend.

Reviewed by garypihl 9 / 10

We've all been here.

As a mature adult male, I saw so many parallels to my own life/loves/mistakes/regrets that it was hard to watch at some points. But isn't that what good films can do? Take you so deep into the character (J.K.Simmons is great!) that you feel their pain. A must see for anyone who's ever made a mistake in their life and felt alone.

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