Greyhound Attack


Action / Drama / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adambolton-47291 1 / 10

Such a shame that '-' stars cannot be given!

Absolute dross! I don't normally rate, or comment on movies, but this is soooooooooooooooooooo bad, it's only fair to warn people before they watch it!

Story: If one existed, I failed to notice it!

Acting: Failed to see any!

Cinematography: Non-existent!

CGI: Meh!

Reviewed by koningszoon 1 / 10

Stage play on film?

One of the most awkward movies(?) I saw in the last 25 years must be Greyhound Attack.

This "movie" is is actually more a stage play which the director tried to get on film on an absolutely shoestring budget! And I om not exaggerating: the movie budget must have been absolutely TINY.

The budget must have been so ridiculously low that they could not even afford any real or convincing actors, props, costumes or anything else a serious movie requires.

95% of the acting and actions scenes are actually shot against a green screen and are SO obviously fake and off set that it gets totally ridiculous to be honest!

The actual script and dialogs are also beyond anything I've ever seen or heard before.

Skip all the problems related to the budget and you end up with an unbelievably bad to attempt in every creative, commercial or technical way possible to create a movie or stage play.

Perhaps somebody else can tell me what this movie actually is: an April' fools joke?

Reviewed by bobsarsfield 1 / 10

Absolutely Horrible

I was hoping to read a review before I watched Greyhound Attack. No reviews. If I am the first to review, I recommend that you avoid wasting a second of your life watching any part of this movie. It is horrible from every aspect. I cannot believe that 1.5M was spent/wasted.

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