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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BloodTheTelepathicDog 4 / 10

Porno for the Deliverance Hillbillys

I can only imagine what those freaky hillbillys from Deliverance would think of Buddy, the 300+ pound mentally handicapped killer who grunts like a pig rather than speaking normally. He'd surely be an upgrade from poor Ned Beatty! The plot centers around old man Lester Bacon who gets his property, slaughterhouse and all, seized so a larger slaughtering factory can move in. Lester isn't going to take this lying down, so he lures the foreclosing son's of guns to his slaughterhouse so son Buddy can slaughter them.

Joe Barton, as the deranged swine-friendly killer, is the chief reason to watch this film. The soundtrack redefines abysmal, and the rest of the cast is standard.

"Squeal like a piggie!!!"

Reviewed by Coventry 6 / 10


This little piece of junk is so much fun, you can't imagine !! Very violent, grim and demented…but covered with black humor and cheerfully twisted characters. 'Slaughterhouse' is set in a quite little American town (of course) called Lakeside. A large chain of abattoirs makes it impossible for modest slaughterhouses to survive. The old butcher Lester Bacon is declared bankrupt and along with his seriously retarded son Buddy, he plans vengeance to all parties involved. 'Slaughterhouse' is very amusing, just because it's so light-headed! This Buddy-character is really great! A big, brainless fatso who can't talk but grunts all the time due to spending his entire youth between pigs. He carries a giant axe throughout the whole movie and butchers people without thinking! Lovely!! Clearly inspired by the notorious Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this Rick Roessler one-man-showed is one of the better slashers produced in the 80's. Best sequence is probably when Buddy joyrides with the car of the deputy and chases his mistress like the lunatic he is! Love this crap!!

Reviewed by Skeeter700 10 / 10

Don Barrett Proves He Is Acting Royalty In This Fantastic Movie

Run to your local video store, card in hand, now! 'Slaughterhouse' has to be the greatest B-movie, horror slasher piece of cheese to come out of the 80s. A decent plot (less predictable then most), fantastic ending, and surprising special effects put this one over the top. Yet, Don Barrett (III) delivers what should have been an Oscar performance. With just two words: "Why?....Why?..." he tops William Shatner's entire career of work. Don Barrett must be an acting genius to deliver such a hilarious performance! Well done Don! Skeeter gives this one a perfect 10 - Now get out there and rent it!

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