Sleep No More



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Brea Grant as Frannie
Yasmine Aker as Dr. Whatley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adeleysim 5 / 10

Well-produced but draggy

Interesting concept and well-produced, but it felt a little draggy, like it wasn't succinct and attention-grabbing enough.

Reviewed by Foutainoflife 6 / 10

I've Seen Worse

What if when we are deprived of sleep we not only take away our own mental functionality but we deprive something out in the great unknown of something it needs as well? A group of folks look into treating sleep as an illness theorizing that if they could find a medication to get rid of the "illness" we would no longer need sleep. After a clinical trial goes tragically wrong, they attempt another trial on themselves sure that they are on the verge of a break through. What could happen?

So, I like the idea of this because, and maybe this is just me, it kinda has a Freddy Krueger feel even if it is a far cry from Freddy. We all need sleep and it is when we are most vulnerable. We have no idea what goes on while we are sleeping. So, I like the idea but the delivery could have been much better.

This is a slowly paced film and I got the feeling that it is supposed to be set in the 80's from the music and some of the clothing. There isn't a lot of character building so you never really get a chance to become invested in these characters. The acting and effects weren't too cheesy even though it is clearly a lower budgeted film. This isn't a polished film with all the works but it isn't that bad as far as low budget films go. This is one you really have to watch and come to your own conclusions as to whether it is good or not. For me it is a "Meh" film.

Reviewed by millserika 5 / 10

Stranger Things feel...but not as good.

What I liked: 80's music and vibe. The disturbing visions that they encounter are very reminiscent of Stranger Things from Netflix. What I didn't like: Predictability. A lot of yelling and chaotic stuff that didn't really help the story. They touched on many different paths that the story could have taken but didn't really fully commit to any. The ending was a bit ambiguous. Overall: Wait for it to come out on Redbox and spend a few dollars. Anything more than that and your throwing your money away.

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