Sniper 2


Action / War

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 5557

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Tom Berenger as Beckett
Linden Ashby as McKenna
Dan Butler as Eckles
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Iztok_smogavc 2 / 10


I just watched this movie. Firstly, movie is not near as good as Sniper 1. And secondly some words about this so called Serbian fighters. I'm from Slovenia and I speak Serbian language. But in this movie I didn't understand not even one word. At the end of the movie I saw this list of actors. Those names are not Serbian but Hungarian. I don't know who (I know only that he's mind doesn't work as it should) said to director of this movie that Hungary and Serbia is one and the same country. Language, habits, mentality,…nothing is the same in these two countries. It's very sad that someone is making a movie about country and he doesn't even knows basics about this country. Movie quality: 3/10 Geography knowledge: 0/10

Reviewed by pavor nocturnus 1 / 10

give me my life back !!!

After renting this movie by mistake, I said to myself 'how bad can it be, I'll just sit tight and give it a try'. My dear Lord, what a mistake. I am a war movie buff myself, and I can swallow a lot of inconsistency, dumb dialogue, poor acting, thin plot and lousy sets, but this was way below the threshold. This movie was full of each, and than some. Tom Berenger is at the age when he should be enjoying his retirement benefits in Florida. Who was he fighting at the end - Hungarians, Serbs, Muslims? I know that, by now proverbial bad guys, the Serbs (which itself tells you how 'cliche' the plot was) were the target, but they ended up speaking the Hungarian, and this in a scenery that screams 'This Be Happening in Hungary'. For God's sake, do you think that the viewers are so uneducated. I could continue ranting, but the main point is, don't waste your time as I did with mine. Mr. Smith gives it 1/10, only because there is no 0 rating.

Reviewed by pese-2 1 / 10

How to make a pitiful and grotesque comedy out of an action movie

Yes, it's not a historical drama, but credibility about the milieu is a must even for action movies, otherwise they may easily get ridiculous, like this one.

1. Hungary is (was) a neighbor to ex-Yugoslavia, but never part of it. So Hungary was also absolutely out of the ethnic conflicts and remained greatly neutral throughout.

2. We should imagine the whole movie happens in Serbia (the biggest of the successor-states of ex-Yugoslavia), however, everybody talks Hungarian, which doesn't even sound alike. (Serbian language belongs to the Slavic group of Indo-European family of languages, while Hungarian belongs to the Finno-Ugric group of Ural-Altaic family. Different grammar, different pronunciation, different intonation, different rhythm, not a word in common). It may not matter for the Americans, but Eastern Europe (even tens of millions in Western Europe) clearly understand the difference.

2/a. On top of this, the written Serbian is using Cyrillic letters, while Hungarian is using Latin letters (with certain vowels bearing special accents). Whatever is written in the street scenes of the movie - e.g. the "Szent Erzsébet" (Saint Elizabeth)statue in front of the cathedral - is written in Latin letters in Hungarian language.

3. The Serbians are basically orthodox catholic by majority, while the Hungarians are basically Roman catholic. The cathedral bearing a central role in the movie has no connection to anything in a typical orthodox church in Serbia.

4. All cars in the streets bear Hungarian license plates, showing the country code (H) and Hungary's national flag left of the 3-letter/3-digit combination of license plates.

4/a. All military vehicles in the movie have Hungarian military license plates.

5. To make a street scene, which the movie-makers believed as typical, they collected and showed all kinds of lousy Eastern-European cars (even including the infamous Polish van called Zuk), but no Western cars even by mistake. Such street picture was typical in Hungary up to the early 80s and in Yugoslavia up to mid-70s, whilst the story is happening in late-90s.

5/a Only one car does not appear in the whole movie: the Yugoslavian-made Zastava, the newer models of which were still in quite a quantity in the streets of Serbia in the late-90s.

6. The Serbian police cars, which are hit and blown by the tram in the movie, are all of East-German-made Wartburgs (3-cylinder/2-stroke engine). Yugoslavian/Serbian police never had a Wartburg (unless a few sample/test cars, which I may not know). The typical Yugoslavian police car was locally built Zastava (originally Fiat-based cars), but in the late-90s (when the story is played) there were already hundreds of thousands of Western cars in Yugoslavia and even the police had many.

7. The tram-cars are of Hungarian-built UV models, never exported to any country (not even to Yugoslavia) and they have Hungarian route-boards installed on their noses.

You don't need to make a historical drama to be correct about elementary basics like geography, era and ethnography of your story and not to mix up everything into a terrible and greatly stereotyped mess. Being a European, it doesn't matter what is happening in the movie, you don't know whether to laugh or to cry as it is completely impossible to empathize the story under such visual and verbal circumstances.

When we make a movie which story is playing in New York, we don't show agave fields instead of Central Square with people in sombreros, eating chili con carne and taco in the streets and drinking tequila in the bars, even though Mexico is the neighboring country to the USA. So the American makers may have believed the whole world is completely stupid and believes what they think a stereotyped Eastern Europe should be, however, for us living in this region, it is like a direct insult. So I believe it is a big mistake to play this movie in European TV channels (it is also a mistake to play it in the rest of the world because it is misleading people and don't give any realistic background about real Serbian milieu, but at least non-Europeans don't know all those mistakes).

Finally, compare this cheap lousy nonsense with Evita, the street scenes of which were also filmed in the streets of Budapest instead of Buenos Aires, but you cannot catch it because all details properly fit.

Big shame on the producers of Sniper-2 !!!

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