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Billy Zane as Richard Miller
Tom Berenger as Thomas Beckett
J.T. Walsh as Chester Van Damme
Aden Young as Doug Papich
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_chinn 6 / 10

Berenger, Zane, and one great set-piece in the middle make it worth watching

I remember being mildly entertained by this slow moving action film back in the day and re-watching it now, I was again mildly entertained. Tom Berenger plays an army sniper who is saddled with a new young know-it-all partner, Billy Zane, and the two must work together on a dangerous mission in South America. The one part of the film that was burned into my memory is a key sequence where the two are outside a military compound trying to move into position for a shot on their target. The best moment of that sequence is Zane looking through a scope across the field only to see a clump of grass unexpectedly slide across the field, which is Berenger stealthily getting into position. The build-up to this sequence of Berenger and Zane trekking through the jungle is not especially well written, but the two actors make the most of it and do manage to make it watchable. The events of the film occurring afterwards aren't all that interesting either. The filmmakers clearly wanted to make this a taught psychological thriller of dueling snipers and diverging world views, but the script is nowhere smart enough for that. I did see that Walon Green ("The Wild Bunch" "Hill Street Blues") was one of the executive producers and Barry Levinson ("The Wire" "Bugsy") was attached to direct at one point, so very likely this was going to be a much smarter film somewhere along the line. Still, that one set piece in the middle of the film and strong performances by Berenger and Zane make "Sniper" worth checking out. The great J.T. Walsh also appears in the film, but if you want a great sniper duel film, watch "Enemy at the Gates" instead.

Reviewed by Ross622 8 / 10

Very entertaining throughout

Luis Llosa's "Sniper" is very good movie to watch once in a while despite the fact that it isn't a great movie or a perfect one because of its minor flaws, but then again not every movie is perfect. I have seen some really good political thrillers in my lifetime some that I happen to consider the best of all time in the genre but unfortunately this movie didn't make the list. The movie stars Tom Berenger as Sergeant Thomas Beckett a real killing machine who is very infamous for his fellow men getting killed on past special forces missions, but this time the military is giving him an another chance with giving him a new spotter named Richard Miller (Billy Zane) who hasn't been on any prior missions and has never killed a person which people can tell because of his hesitation throughout the movie. Their mission is to go down to Panama to take out rebel drug lords. The performances are decent, the screenplay written by Michael Frost Beckner and Crash Leyland is good but it does have holes in it that happen to make the movie entirely predictable in some scenes, while the whole movie isn't suspenseful at one point in the movie like a political thriller should be, but I do recommend this movie because of the strong performances from Berenger and Zane, and because of its sheer entertainment, and fantastic action sequences, as well as the stunts being expertly choreographed. Even though Berenger was very good in this movie it isn't his very best role which it couldn't hold true to his very menacing performance in "Platoon" (1986) which earned him his only Oscar nomination. But I was satisfied throughout even though this isn't a movie I would want to see again.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Surprisingly low budget thriller for Berenger and Zane

SNIPER is a surprisingly low budget thriller starring two Hollywood big names, or at least they were once big names back in the day. It's about a US-led mission to take down some rebel generals in Panama, and sees a pair of snipers sent into the jungle to complete the mission. Said actors are Tom Berenger, who would go on to reprise his role in subsequent straight to video sequels, and Billy Zane.

Berenger does his straight action man routine well enough and comes across as incredibly macho. Zane has the more interesting role of the inexperienced guy pushed to the edge and does pretty well with it, I think. The main problem the film has is that the staging just isn't all that convincing and the action scenes are routine rather than extraordinary. Australia stands in for Central America well enough, but the chases and shooting scenes never feel all that gripping or suspenseful. For a big budget attempt at a similar subject matter, check out Clint Eastwood's much better American SNIPER.

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