Death Do Us Part


Comedy / Drama / Horror / Romance

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Ed Speleers as John
Oliver Dimsdale as Radio Voice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by twwarrior 10 / 10

Good film

This will contain spoiler.

I loved this movie. I like similar themed movies that are set in one location with the end of the world going on. Although this one was probably the best I've seen. I recommend it to people who like a good movie.

It's funny at times, the kind of humor that doesn't make the movie lose the seriousness, thats the best I can describe it right now. But also its about love and working together.

Both main characters were likeable and relatable. I cared about them. That's why I disliked the ending, why almost every zombie movie has to have someone getting bitten/infected? It makes me sad that the movie made me care about the characters and then just kill them, no matter how well it was done.

Good job and thanks, actors and creators.

Reviewed by TenPin1969 8 / 10

Love survives

Easily one of the better zombie movies out there. Zoo eschews the typical zombie movie cliches and focuses instead on how the end of the world affects a lone couple, already on the brink of a failing marriage. Solid acting by both main characters.

Spoiler . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . My only question is why they didn't go out through the hole in the roof.

Reviewed by merger78 10 / 10


I loved Zoo! No, this it not a generic zombie flick so if that is expected then it's probably not for you. This is an intelligent relationship and romantic drama with a heavy dose of black humor. And I loved the humor. So many bizarre and awkward situations! Cast was excellent. Great to see Jan Bijvoet (Borgman) in it. It's obviously a low-budget film, but done creatively with a personal touch. I wish more films like this were made and not the usual generic stuff. Definitely recommend this movie!

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