South Park: Post Covid: Covid Returns


Animation / Comedy

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April Stewart as Wendy Testaburger / Sharon Marsh / Shelley Marsh
Delilah Kujala as Amazon Alexa
Kimberly Brooks as (voice)
Matt Stone as Kyle Broflovski / Tweek Tweak / Craig Tucker / Scott Malkinson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MoistMovies 8 / 10


Half of this special was calling NFTs ponzi schemes. As someone who's been in cryptocurreny for many years I see NFT's for the 90% scam they are. Trey and Matt certainly have an opinion on that too hahaha

The special was done really well, It had so many southpark easter eggs in it to. No one was skipped over except mr hanky, jesus or santa.. (satan is dead now in southpark lore i guess, sad days)

All the people getting fussy over the first part and thinking it was biased in some way... If you still think that after this then im not sure there's much in helping you. Southpark is still just as great as it's always been.

I hope it comes back in a series format tho, the episodic earlier seasons were my favorite, but i still enjoy the serialized ones in a different way.. but its been played out and i hope this TV movie way of continuing doesnt leave us with just a couple hrs of southpark a year. Both is the way to go. We need real comedy right now.

Reviewed by laqsheyo 8 / 10

Did Butters Just Convinced Me To Buy NFT?

Not as funny as the 1st part still it was awesome. Future Alexa was super mean and fun this time. Butters really convinced me in thinking of investing in NFT. Although I liked the conclusion of this movie but I didn't like the ending of my favourite character "Eric Cartman". I wanted the boys to talk to their future selves, especially wanted to see young Eric making fun of his adult Rabbi version. There was so much potential, I wanted to see so much more. Still i would recommend this to every south park fan. Hope to see more south park movies like this one.

Reviewed by SethTK 7 / 10

It was OK

I liked the first one better because I felt like the writing waskind of lazy in this one. I really liked what they did with butters and im glad we saw timmy.

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