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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Filmamore 2 / 10

Reviews like the ones above are a big turn off

First reviewer obviously belongs to the group of privileged few who claim to have seen the film before it was released, i.e. basically have written a promo for the film spicing it up with some pseudo-objective commentary. So never mind the result - a 7 out of 10 for a meaningless cheap teen slasher! The second review assesses the film's value in reverse proportion to the money raised to make yet another basically useless horror trash. Considering that the film was made only for 20K quid why not give it 7 stars, author, a loyal friend of filmmakers, opines. My advice, if you find the movie, see it for yourself, and take time to write an honest review, and let the world know what you really think.

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 2 / 10

Utter rubbish

UK title - Camp Massacre; Polish title - Wrobel. Low budget slasher movie about a group of friends who spend the weekend camping in the woods but fall prey to a crazed killer called Sparrow. So zero marks for originality! Though to be fair most of us slasher fans aren't too bothered about that, we just want to see guys & gals get offed in as gory ways as possible. With their British accents this is presumably set in England yet they are driving a left handed vehicle with a European number plate, on the right side of the road (filmed in Poland). Dumb!!! With a few exceptions the acting is awful, not helped by a very poor script. Apart from one victim getting his head sliced in half the effects are poverty row, much of it is cheap CGI. Production wise only the music deserves any kind of credit. This film sucks, don't waste your time or money.

Reviewed by bernardlcrawford 1 / 10

Absent of anything positive...

Horrid and detestable in every detail this atrocity and affront to humans should not be viewed. It is vapid and innocuous and that is being kind.

Acting is absolutely inadequate and lacking with EVERY individual in this so called production. A few seem to have difficulty even enunciating to a level of being absolutely incomprehensible. No character is interesting in any facet and as a matter of fact are grating in almost every way. They are precisely UNLIKABLE in every action taken.

What a concept to write a story about a killer whom basically in thrown onto the screen just long enough to dispatch a victim (That machete looks really sharp! LOL) then disappears leaving us with moronic actors and lines.

Even if a minuscule budget was spent, that in and of itself is no reason to to give a high rating to it. I have seen LOW budget productions that work.

This was an auto play on Tubi as I just let it pick the next movie. I will show greater discretion next time.

This is a four foot turd in a cesspool!

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