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Michael Rooker as Pat McMurphy
Ian McShane as Judge Perry
Yaya DaCosta as Nora Bolden
Robert Ri'chard as George Baquet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eddiekennedy-75287 5 / 10


As other reviewers previously mentioned ,I was probably more confused about the life of Buddy Bolden after watching this movie than before. It jumps way too much between timelines ,which usually works when used in moderation ( think " Get On Up " , "Ray " , " Miles Ahead " etc.) In the filmmakers' defense ,I think this is meant to convey the choppy memories of a schizophrenic looking back on his life ,while listening to a radio concert of Louis Armstrong. A good enough Idea ,but dragged out over a couple of hours ,it just tends to get confusing ,and frankly ,annoying. There are a couple of good fantasy(ish) scenes. The scene of when he was a young boy at his mother's workplace was brilliant ,and the parachute scene was just ,well ,bizarre! I had to google the history of the parachute ,just to be sure! All in all ,the acting was okay with what little dialogue there was ,the music was brilliant ,but maybe could have flowed a bit better. Overall ,maybe worth killing a couple of hours if you're interested in the history of jazz ,but I don't believe this movie will be a classic in years to come ,like some other musical biopics.

Reviewed by ann-annpublishing 5 / 10

Interesting story on the history of jazz music.

I was much more excited to see how well the movie trailer was put together, promising a well done historical biopic film. While the scenes are beautifully done in a fantasy fashion, the costumes and scenery seemed period correct; the story was a bit hard to follow, pieced together like a patchwork quilt. I would love to see the working script from this film as it must have taken a genius to put this hodgepodge film together! I did wind up deciding the writer/director must have taken his cue from the inner thoughts of the troubled soul of this musical genius, Buddy Boldon. As it is said, there is a fine line between genius and lunatic. I will give this film 5 stars as I feel the settings, acting, musicial orchestration, etc, was well done, even though the story was a bit hard to follow.

Reviewed by SnobReviews 6 / 10

"Bolden" is a different approach to the drama biopic.

"Bolden" will transcend you into a hallucinogenic state and is an interesting approach to the conventional biopic.

In this drama based on a true story, although much of his life remains a mystery, Buddy Bolden becomes the first cornet king of New Orleans.

Overall, "Bolden" isn't for everyone. The film features solid performances from its cast, an excellent score by Wynton Marsalis, but the story can become confusing to viewers. I understand that much of Bolden's life is almost of myth, which is why writer/director Dan Pritzker took the approach he did. A vision of a life that will be underrated, but if you enjoy jazz music and a fresh take on the biopic drama, check out "Bolden".

Go see it or wait to see it at home.

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