Love and a Bullet


Action / Comedy / Crime / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 1229


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Derek Mears as The Milkman
Bill Duke as Mysterious Voice on Phone
Walter Jones as Cisco
James Black as Vaughn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Curtis G. 7 / 10

Better than I expected...much better.

When I first saw the trailer to this movie on some other action DVD, I thought, "You must be kidding me. This has got to be the worst straight-to-video HK-action rip-off ever made." But after watching the first few minutes of it on cable, I knew the trailer was all wrong. They'd focused on all the wrong elements. I found "Love and a Bullet" to be something of a black "Snatch"-type movie (no jokes, now), very tongue-in-cheek and enjoyably self-referential. The final battle, as silly as it was, was easier to swallow after the movie's setup. After all, it's not a straight gangsta-action movie; it's more of a black comedy. In both senses of the word. Definitely worth the 90-minute investment.

Reviewed by Paul M 10 / 10

Ok...Some Really Clumsy Parts

"Love and a Bullet" adds nothing really new to the hitman genre but its a fun movie all the same. There are some really funny parts such as how Pretty Nate's crew gets down...but as mentioned before the last twenty minutes are horrible. Like a video game where you have to beat a boss w/ some special capability.

Also the whole, "I'm a professional" statements got old quick. Treach like Ice Cube can handle acting and his charisma carries over from music to screen.


Reviewed by R-heugden 3 / 10

Not worth the film it has been printed on.

What a massive desception this flick is, A movie based around a plot as thick as ice is on a hot-Summer night is usually something you don't want to step on, normally there would be some leverage before the layer breaks but beware step on this and you won't need a peddle you'll be swimming.

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