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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RomanJamesHoffman 4 / 10

A decent effort let down by its own schizophrenia

A mixed-race gay couple (and the one guy's daughter from a previous relationship) make the move as an alternative family unit to a small town where things are, and always have been, button down and traditional. At first, the couple feel excited that their plan to live a more down-to-earth life away from city stresses...but soon one of the guys begins to suspect that the community is hiding a sinister secret.

The set up is very familiar to horror fans and yet the first act of the movie plays out quite well. It's shot well, has convincing performances from the leads, and - with the help of a good sound engineer - effortlessly builds up the creep factor.

These plus points remain throughout the movie; however, the second act of the film drags and the third act seems to fall asleep at the wheel and veer dramatically from paranormal horror to Rosemary's Baby-esque paranoia, back again, then into some ham-fisted social commentary on both mental illness, racism, and homophobia before finally crashing headlong into the lovechild of Hereditary and Dracula.

As a result the ending feels unsatisfactory as a lot of the reveals feel tacked-on and limp. By the time it ended I felt like the writers tried to cover up a weak script by distracting the audience with some horror cliches and - if that didn't work - some clunky "message" that "racism is bad" and/or "homophobia is bad" and/or "mental illness is a shame".

Which is sad because if the film had had the courage of it's convictions a bit more I think it could have delivered way more effectively on what it set up in the first third. All in all, an okay-ish watch but that's being a bit on the generous side.

Reviewed by glory-50743 3 / 10

Spiral into boredom

The idea of a gay character-led horror film appealed to me hugely as a gay man and avid horror fan. Identity politics aside; viewing 'Spiral' objectively, it lacks the promise of its potential. I'm a little over indie slow-burn, symbolic-heavy horror movies at the moment as the new generation of filmmakers are pumping them out faster than a David Lynch traffic light changes colours.

The majority of the film concerns itself exploring the topic of 'paranoia versus reality' which is taxing after about 20 minutes much less an hour and 20 minutes of this single beat repeated again and again and again. Additionally, I didn't think the paranoia brought anything new or interesting to the table and certainly wasn't enough to make me care for the characters.

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman as the lead makes an effort to bring the level of intensity required to make his character work but unfortunately does not succeed. There are several plot holes within his character's backstory which results in the outcome of audience apathy for what he's going through.

Genre-wise this fails to achieve a horror tone. I can't honestly say there was a single moment when I felt horrified by any particular event. When the punchline finally arrived I stopped caring long before as the characters did not develop and the scenes didn't contain dialogue and conflict structured to sustain interest.

In the climax (no spoilers) the antagonist blatantly states the moral of the story, causing me to see weak writing rather than agreement for its existence. Sadly, I'm chucking this movie onto the pile of the hundreds of under-developed gay themed films that simply don't have the quality and/or budget to create a story of honesty, originality and significance.

Reviewed by Lenoir-2 3 / 10

Predictable slog

The music really wanted the audience to believe that scary things were happening, even when it was just a man walking on a bridge or a family portrait. It takes 45 minutes before those paranoid musical crescendos focus on something that isn't an everyday event. The ending isn't surprising. Acting was good but why bother with good acting if the plot is super lame? Zzzz.

We need more gay characters that aren't just gay characters.

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