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Geoffrey Rush as Floor Manager
Melissa Jaffer as Mrs. Booth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cass3765 10 / 10

fun fun fun

I was fortunate to be standing in a cinema in Sydney city when Gillian Armstrong approached a group of us kids and asked if we would like to see a preview of a new Aussie movie. We didn't know who Gillian Armstrong was we were about 16 at the time. We arranged time and day with her and attended the raw cut of Starstruck. Wow, what a night that was. There was about 15 of us and that was it. We loved it, we left excited and privileged that us teens got to see it before anyone else and gave Gillian a big thumbs up. When we left we were invited to the premier and after party. We met the cast and talked for a long time to come about our chance meeting. This is such a fun movie, great music, JO Kennedy and Ross O'Donovan were fantastic. Typical Aussie humour for the 80's. One of the best musicals of the time, clean, honest, well written, well directed and a wonderful change from the classic Australian period piece.

Reviewed by kingmonkey 10 / 10

a beautiful, feel-good film!

i had the pleasure of seeing this as a child when living in Australia, and now as an adult i tracked the film down on DVD. 25 years of rose-tinted looking back to it was astute, as watching it again now was just as joyous as watching it back then.

the story of the film, in short, is that of an aspiring singer and her ambitious cousin and their attempts to break out of the mundane suburban life and hit the big time. desperate times, to a degree, expedite the need to hit the big time, but this under no circumstances stops them having fun along the way! Jo Kennedy is fantastic in the lead, and what a voice. rare is it that you get someone capable of singing and acting, and here she is for all the world to see. fans of 80's new wave / new romantic music will love her singing style, and it's difficult not to tap your feet and sing along with it all. the rest of the cast is equally impressive, in particular the young lad playing cousin Angus.

Star Struck is an eloquent, fun and enjoyable way to spend 90 or so minutes of your time. along with the great soundtrack, you get as many bitter sweet moments as you do outright funny ones, and you would have to work very hard to dislike it.

Reviewed by sschwart 9 / 10

Sparkling little gem of a movie!

This is worth looking for. Australian film maker Gillian Armstrong's delightful gem traces the path of two Aussie teens trying to make their break in show biz. This is a classic fairy tale story that includes such amusing scenes as young star Jo Kennedy practising tight-rope walking across the bar of her grandmother's pub. This film treats its teen subjects with respect rather than condescension and the finale is a showstopper. Great soundtrack of obscure 80s music, as well.

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