The Outer Boroughs


Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10

Short but fun...

Right, well I had expected a bit more than just a mere 30 minutes of entertainment. But hey, guess I should have checked the running time of the feature.

But still, the 30 minutes, while they went by pretty quick, was actually a fun 30 minutes, and I was actually quite entertained with what I watched. The characters here were nicely fleshed out and detailed, and definitely have potential for a TV series or a continuation of the story told here in this 2017 TV movie.

They actually had quite nice CGI effects, I will say that much, and that really added a very enjoyable element to the movie, especially when it was dealing with magic.

"The Outer Boroughs" is listed as a comedy horror, but the emphasis is mostly on the comedy here. I was entertained, just a shame that it was a mere 30 minutes. It felt like it was just getting started and then it was all over. And the best part is that I was actually left wanting more.

So thumbs up for director and writer Eugene Lehnert, as well as writers Michael Furth and Daniel Wolfe. This is definitely something that could have potential to be a funny TV series.

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