State Property


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
IMDb Rating 4.5 10 1872

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Denyce Lawton as Bikini Girl #2
Jay Z as Untouchable J
Damon Dash as 'Boss' Dame
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by p-stepien 1 / 10

Who dun stole the doggone script?

Fade in. Show picture of hommies. Enter voice-over. Beans (Beanie Sigel) tells us what a dog eat dog world this is. All about the Benjamins y'all. Enter titles sequence - lots of pole dancing, close shots of silicon enhanced nipples and focus on ho's wiggling that thang! Camera focus on Beanie and Baby Boy getting down with the girlies. Enter brain light-bulb. Beanie thinks: Yo, had enough of being a poor mother... Time to get rich or die trying. Six weeks later: Beans, Baby Boy and a couple of thugs start randomly shooting drug dealers in broad daylight to take over their business. No police or thugs to hand out pay-back. A year later: Beans rules all, moves out to the suburb, but still shoots, kills or whatever. A dozen or so incoherent sequences of hood crime idiocy later the movie ends. Yo! That was so not cool!

Bad acting, terrible phony script (or more like random parts of scripts clinging together with the use of duct tape) and a tiresome 90 minutes of low-budget pointlessness. Not much more to add but honestly avoid at all costs. It may be low-budget, but that does not take the director off the hook of making something as tacky and superficial as this. Why the hell did anyone make a second part?

Reviewed by charlies123 1 / 10

Not really good

I was hoping that i might enjoy this after reading some of the positive reviews about it. Also, I have liked Jay-Z in some other acting roles, and I like some of his music. Unfortunately, this movie totally sucks. Beans looked like he was going to be a pretty interesting character at first. But then the movie descended into pointless violence and every other worth was either the 'n' word or a curse word. The plot was non existent, the story just rambles about from one violent scene to another. And Jay-Z's character, who I was really looking forward too, was just plain silly and completely unbelievable. This movie was a complete, utter, total waste of time. I should have just taken a nap, I am sure I would have been much more entertained by a dream.

Reviewed by Newsense 1 / 10

This movie should be confiscated

I love Beanie Sigel. He is the most underrated rapper out of Rocafella Records but this movie stunk like week-old roadkill. Beanie plays a bully who runs around with a group of thugs that beat up on people in their hometown and issue them a warning that goes "get down or lay down"! The main flaw of the movie is that nobody can act. Beanie is so laughable in his role that sometimes I crack up when he comes on screen. He is not the only one who should stick to rapping. Memphis Bleek's character was a riot for all the wrong reasons(when he shot a Beanie's car for honking the horn at him, I laughed so hard that I peed a little. Damon Dash and Jay-z are stiff as mannequins in this movie also. You cant tell that the director knew that this film was rank and told them to keep going anyway. The funniest part is when Beanie's lawyers tell him to cop a plea for a guy he just shot. Lol! His reaction was a hoot! In short this is a bad movie simple and plain. If you want to watch it to see how bad it is then fine. But you were warned.

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