The Quest


Adventure / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eepiwee 8 / 10

Ever wondered what's at the bottom?

It's been many years since I've seen this movie but I'm working on making it a part of my collection. Basically, there's an eerie, spooky, creepy pond that perks a boy's curiosity. The boy, Cody, starts investigating an old legend about "Donkegin" and/or "frog dreamings," all this I don't quite remember but I do remember certain parts as being incredibly intriguing. As a kid, and even today, I've always been fascinated with lakes and ponds, always wondering what's at the bottom. I believe they even get some underwater footage at some point when Cody wears an old-fashioned dive suit! This is an excellent adventure movie that's great for the whole family! Highly recommended!

Reviewed by pleiades10 7 / 10

Cool adventure film for kids

Let me start by saying it has been about 8 or 9 years since I last saw the Quest, but I still remember it fondly.

Henry Thomas, soon after his performance as "Elliot" in E.T., finds himself living with relatives in Australia after his parents pass on. He soon begins to investigate a local legend called the "Dahnk-a-gin" (or something like that...), a fierce loch-ness-monster style beast living in an old quarry that has been flooded.

As a child, I was always very inquisitive and imaginative, and loved to explore old buildings and creepy places, so this movie appealed to me greatly. The area surrounding the flooded quarry is littered with scrap metal, beat up shacks, and a cool broken down 50's car that just call to the exploring spirit.

During some scenes, Henry rides the railroad using a modified bicycle that could lock onto the railroad tracks... start pedaling, and off you go! I always wanted one of those...

Anyway, check out the Quest, and see if it doesn't sweep you up in it's imaginative spell!

Reviewed by Thomas G - Froggy Dreamer - 10 / 10

Welcome in dreamtime...

I was quite young when I first saw THE QUEST (also known as FROG DREAMING,it's original Australian title). I can remember that day and how I felt,no other Film had ever done such an effect on me before that. Now I'm 21 and after all those years I came here to write a review about a Film which is going to remain my favourite one forever,and for many reasons,the most special to me.

Indeed FROG DREAMING is a very special Film,I would even say that it is unique. The screenplay was written by Everett DeROCHE,a brilliant scriptwriter full of talent and imagination,who did a lot for the Australian Film industry. Director Brian Trenchard-smith managed perfectly to create an eerie climate along with Production designer Jon Dowding (who also did the Mad Max Films). There is a wonderful photography and Brian May,the famous Australian composer,did an amazing music score,exceptionally effective in mood-setting,using Aboriginal instruments such as sticks,didjeridoo and bullroarer.

FROG DREAMING is a Film about a young boy,Cody (Henry Thomas)and the mystery of an Aboriginal dreamtime myth. A story about how myths are created and where is the truth or is there a truth , it is also about how some people just do not want to question themselves,fearing that the answer might be followed by even more questions.

No,FROG DREAMING is not the most famous Film in the world,no it is not an Hollywood highly commercial movie made with an incredible budget,but does it mean that this is not a great Film ? Maybe a little-known Australian production based on a great and imaginative screenplay has got more interest than a blockbuster only based on special F/X ,it's up to you to decide. I think that everybody should enjoy this Film,of course someone only interested in slasher movies full of blood would,probably,not like it. But I think that if you can watch it with Cody's eyes,if you have imagination,if you can dream and if you are still capable of questioning yourself,you will undoubtedly love FROG DREAMING.

There are Films that you can't remember the day after you watched them,but sometimes there is a Film which is different,a Film which gives you something more than any other and which becomes a part of your own life. To me,FROG DREAMING is that Film and I am deeply convinced that it is a GREAT FILM.

The day I saw FROG DREAMING my soul went at "Donkegin's Hole" and it never came back.

May I remain there dreamtime

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