Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine


Action / Biography / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Ridley Scott as Himself
Steve Jobs as Himself
Alex Gibney as Narrator
Steve Wozniak as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fredpeterson 10 / 10

Incredible documentary

Has got be my favorite documentary ever. Really dives into Jobs personal life and shows the type of person he was. From abounding his to daughter to taking shortcuts with the law this documentary covers all of it really makes me wish I could have met the man. Apple still isn't my favorite company though I'm not a fan of how closed in their products are and think Steve really screwed up the company by making it a luxury brand

Reviewed by Marko Granic 8 / 10

Great movie

Great movie about great man! Steve Jobs was a genius, but a strange person. This biopic helps to understand him a little better. Everybody is talking about that his communication with his colleagues was harsh and that he was tyrant, but we can see now that is necessary to get the job done. His love and passion for Apple and his products was fascinating. Great innovator, talent to change things in a way that is unexpected. He changed people habit of working with technology. Downside was his obsessive controlling disorder and his arrogance. It helped his to make great new gadgets, but made a lot of enemies around him. In some cases he acted like a spoiled child. Anyway, you should see the movie and judge for your own.

Reviewed by raza_bukhari1 9 / 10

It'll show you both sides of coin. Steve Jobs life in a real way.

He was an artist who sought perfection, but could never find peace. He had the focus of a monk, but none of the empathy. He offered us freedom, but only within a closed garden, to which he held the key.

It's an amazing documentary about a person who was a maniac and totally insane about his dedication to his company, his ideas and his products. The story of person who gave ace to Apple, saved it, all the up and down of company. It worth something. This documentary will give you both perspective of Steve Jobs personal life, all the hard times and the thing we never knew about him, the side of coin we never noticed or watched, gadgets and their usage in your life, how you get intimated with those toys, how they effected and changed you life and living era. This documentary is perfect thing that puts a light towards soaring technology domain surrounded by more and more gadgets, technology and products. Don't miss it. You will find more interesting things out there.

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