Stick Man


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
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Martin Freeman as Stick Man
Sally Hawkins as Stick Lady & others
Jennifer Saunders as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 5 / 10

He is not a sword, and he is not a boomerang. He is Stick Man...

I ended up watching "Stick Man" because my son wanted to watch it. I had no idea what it was about or who was in it.

"Stick Man" turned out to actually be an entertaining animated movie, despite it being fairly short.

There is an overwhelming sensation of this story being based on a children's rhyme or perhaps even a book, although I am not sure, nor familiar with such a rhyme or book. It is because of the narrative presentation that the animated movie does take on that quality.

As for the voice acting, well then there was surprisingly little dialogue in this animated movie. And I had no idea that it was Martin Freeman who actually voiced Stick Man before I came to review the animated movie.

The animation in "Stick Man" was good and to the point. Although it was at times fairly simplistic, it served its purpose well and it was straight to the point.

"Stick Man" hardly is a classic, but it is still fun enough to watch once or twice.

Reviewed by Parker Lewis 10 / 10

Very moving

I stumbled upon Stick Man when channel surfing and what a delight this Christmas special is!!

So many elements make Stick Man so appealing and emotionally moving. The animation, the voices. Martin Freeman shines as the voice of Stick Man (incidentally, I was shocked to hear of his break-up with Amanda Abbington at the end of 2016 - how will this affect the casting of Sherlock?) and when Sherlock ends Martin should consider being a voice artist.

The ending was very moving with the viewers wondering whether Stick Man will be reunited with his family in time for Christmas. Thankfully Santa Claus saves the day for Stick Man.

Reviewed by Thomas ([email protected]) 6 / 10

Another success for Donaldson

"Stick Man" is a British television short film from the writing team of the 2 Gruffalo short films and "Room on the Broom". It's not difficult to see that, also without the trademark squirrel and the rhyming verses from start to finish. It is about a stick man, who is mistaken for a stick and unlucky coincidence makes it that he gets taken away further and further from home as the film goes on. It goes on for 26 minutes and the thing takes place at Christmas. In the end Santa gives to the stick man after the Stick Man helped Santa before. A cute little film, mostly for younger audiences, but grown-ups can also have fun. The cast includes Oscar nominee Sally Hawkins, Emmy winner Martin Freeman (for the main character) and Golden Globe nominee Hugh Bonnevill voicing Santa. Not bad for a television production. I personally thought this was a good watch. No truly great moments, but certainly worth checking out during the holidays.

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