Straight Outta Compton


Action / Biography / Crime / Drama / History / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 94%
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Paul Giamatti as Jerry Heller
Corey Hawkins as Dr. Dre
Tate Ellington as Bryan Turner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nianikaila 10 / 10

Don't Listen to the 1 Star Reviews

Everyone one here who complains about the movie don't know what they're talking about. This movie is reality! Police brutality, growing up in the hood, the extravagant lifestyle of singers/rappers is all there. Someone complained about this being vulgar and not appropriate for kids? No duh, it's rated R. Even though it was a long movie, I didn't want it to end. You really felt what was going on in the movie. When they were angry, you were angry. When they were sad, you couldn't help but to feel that as well. Don't listen to the people complaining, and calling them "selfish". They're probably just upset at how the police were portrayed, which was the reality for N.W.A. The movie is amazing. Watch it. This movie was extremely enjoyable, and despite the length, it felt like it went by in the blink of an eye.

Reviewed by Julian2209 2 / 10

The beginning of the mess....straight back to Compton!!

...I had to watch the movie since I actually liked at the time some of the music of NWA, especially the title track of the movie. Yet what happened after-wards, after their success, is just a sell out to make a bunch of money with no more attitude than all the others.

And now the movie and it would deserve just one star, yet the music brings back some memories when things could have been changed in a different way than they wanted to. Look at them now, nowadays...thats all that there is to say about the characters of the movie.

The acting is typical for the gang banging crowds nowadays and so it can be seen on every street-corner in major cities and is nothing special and that I mean not in a good way. If that was meant to change things, well Sirs, screw you! The story itself, well I do not know what is true and what is not, but like stated above, in the end it came to make more money than others. What they have changed is just that violence and negativity can bring success, that youths of today look up to them what they could do and want to do as well...THAT is what they have changed and just because Compton is nowadays almost everywhere, does not make this a success in changes, but a success in stupidity. And so it does not matter to me if you become legit than after-wards and make movies about your awful youth and how you can succeed and then make funny movies, like Ice Cube....

So what remains is the music...there was once a dream of a few guys who wanted to change something, what they have changed is to have today an attitude, which became wide spread, for the big buck. Nothing wrong with it, yet don't be surprised when you get now the attitude that you spread and so...please straight BACK to Compton and please try again!

For former NWA fans a must, for people who love the attitude nowadays a must, for normalos who aren't impressed but rather appalled by the success of a negative attitude and the real change they created, a no show!

Reviewed by ajmalfait 9 / 10

Hey losers, stop posting 1-star reviews.

Ignore all the 1-star reviews because the people posting them are total losers. You can tell by their vapid criticisms. Too graphic, gimme a break. Semi-pornographic, really? There were a few scenes with nudity, far from gratuitous unless you consider all nudity gratuitous. As for violence, there was barely any hard-core violence, certainly not enough to distract from the main storyline.

Quite simply, if you loved the music, you'll love the movie. Solid acting and solid script. I'm not sure how historically accurate it is, but that's beside the point. It's a movie, not a documentary.

To those who continue to spout their bile about this film, get a life. No one cares about your pathetic moralizing and thinly veiled racism.

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