Stranger in My Bed


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 279

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Barbara Niven as Christine Goudet
Agam Darshi as Hotel Clerk
Tobias Mehler as Taylor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexismadden09 7 / 10

I'm sorry, but I have to...

I'm sorry, but I have to defend this movie. Yes, the writing is cliché, and at times quite ridiculous, and you're wondering why this deserved to be made into a movie. Look at it this way: It's like all those episodes of the crime dramas on TV. Take Law & Order: CI, for example. My brother doesn't like that show, because he says it's not realistic. They solve 99% of the cases by the end of the episode--how coincidental. But imagine that there's hundreds of cases that take forever to solve, and sometimes don't get solved at all. It's the interesting ones that are solved in 45 minutes (not real-time) that get put on TV.

So, the writers imagined that somewhere out there, a woman could fake her own death and was quite dense and forgot to get rid of the evidence that she was still alive. It sounds ridiculous, but it's not impossible. And the husband kind of going insane and deciding to dissolve her in acid--well clearly, it's the old 'If I can't have you, nobody can,' scenario. Where did he get the acid? Who cares? It's Chris Kramer, and I think he was very convincing as an abusive maniac. The others' performances were kind of stiff and artificial, but he managed to make the most of the script. He's very talented, and very easy on the eyes, if you get my drift. My drift being, he's friggin' hot.

Reviewed by vmusto123 5 / 10

An Interesting movie about a women who was looking for freedom from her husband.

Interesting. This movie wasn't quite like I hoped it'd be. It's worth watching once, but not a second time. The reason I say this is because it isn't one of those movies that keeps you guessing "whats going to happen next?" It's more like... "no kidding that was going to happen, i could have told you that" I like movies that have me guessing and wondering whats going to happen, and I didn't feel that with this movie. This movie skips around way too much from topic to topic. The ending isn't what I hoped. The worst thing possible in a movie is to have a horrible ending. That's what kind of ending this was. A good idea of a movie to watch on basically the same topic is a great movie with Julia Roberts called "Sleeping With the Enemy. It's an exciting movie that has you on the edge of your seat the entire time, unlike this movie.

Reviewed by feelingsoalive 10 / 10

Something to think about

Strnager In My Bed is somewhat of a sad movie. Its about a woman who lives with her abusive husband. In the beginning he's not that way but then he starts beating her until one time it sends her to the hospital for several days. When she shows up for work after a night out with her husband her co-worker encourages her that she can do better and to get out before she ends up dead. She thinks it over and goes through with her plan of faking her own death. It worked for a few years and then her husband tracks her down. Now with her new life underway, she has to tell her boyfriend who she really is and what's got her all upset. I liked the show. Parts of it were sad, but it ends on a happy note.

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