Stranger in the House


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 388

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Jordana Largy as Samantha
Dan Payne as Luke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wes-connors 6 / 10

Lifetime Folk Tale

An accident occurs...

"One year later," wealthy survivor John Novak (as Wayne Griegson) is left widowed. He has also lost the use of his legs and must use an inhaler occasionally, to breathe...

Understandably glum, Mr. Novak resists beautiful daughter Emmanuelle Vaugier (as Jade) when she suggests hiring a caregiver so she and perfectly muscled Matthew MacCaull (as Marco) can go away for a honeymoon. Surprisingly, their spectacular seaside mansion has no visible hired help, so they hire plain and frumpy Jordana Largy (as Samantha) to look after Novak. While the newlyweds are in Hawaii for a month, Ms. Largy starts more and more curvaceous skin. Turning pretty, she develops a taste for plunging necklines and short-shorts. This attracts Novak's attention. Suddenly, he's a new man. By the time Ms. Vaugier and Mr. MacCaull return, things have changed...

There is nothing new about this story. Writer Roslyn Muir follows the "Lifetime" TV movie formula very closely, completing her assignment with high scores. The lush setting and cinematography, by Neil Cervin, is attractive and steady. "Stranger in the House" doesn't take any risks, but director Allan Harmon and his crew manage to make the familiarity feel like a pair of comfortable old shoes. As they check off each cliché, you feel the release of knowing transmitters in your brain. These variations don't always work, but this one looks nice and respects its viewers. When you know what's going to happen, you're still interested to see how the characters are going to make each stupid move...

They make you feel smart.

****** Stranger in the House (4/9/16) Allan Harmon ~ Emmanuelle Vaugier, Matthew MacCaull, Jordana Largy, John Novak

Reviewed by nightroses 4 / 10


The message of this movie is not to marry someone you hardly know. The old businessman in a wheelchair married his new carer while his daughter went away on a trip with her new husband. No one knows anything about the new carer, Samantha except she started off as a shy bespectacled girl with a colourful CV. After she was taken on as carer, daughter Jade went on her honeymoon with somewhat meek husband Marco. On their return, dad is married to Samantha who turned into femme fatale of the Century. The house is enormous, but wheelchair-bound dad is killed, and Samantha is now owner of the estate. Jade is grieving, while suspicions raised, but her smirking husband is nowhere near taking her side. There are a couple of mini twists in the film by halfway, but after that, it's just basically predictable, and a cat-and-mouse, hunting game with Jade drugged and persued by killer.

Reviewed by edwagreen 8 / 10


While I was seeing the film, I was scenes ahead accurately predicting what would occur and who the accomplice was to that manipulative woman.

There needed to be shown why the old boy was vindicated at his trial at a time of financial collapse in the country. From a deathly sick male depending upon an inhaler, that manipulative woman seemed to have worked wonders and miracles while seducing him into a marriage and cutting his daughter out of immense wealth.

Yes, I was even able to predict who the cohort of this woman was but did not realize what her fate would be.

Isn't it interesting that one year into a marriage and our heroine first starts asking question about her husband's parents?

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