The Boogens


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 2014


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Anne-Marie Martin as Jessica Ford
John Crawford as Brian Deering
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jeff Reardon 1 / 10

Has more filler than any film I've ever seen.

This film is astoundingly dull and slow-paced. If you know what filler or padding is, this is what 90% of this movie is. It was obviously made by someone who wanted to make a monster movie but had to work on a tiny budget, so they barely show any scenes of an actual monster, but pad out the film with scenes of people standing around looking scared when they hear noises, or empty dialogue and conversation between characters. They should've called it The Seinfield Movie, because it feels like a movie about nothing.

Reviewed by Blazehgehg 5 / 10

I hope you like waiting

With the advent of cheap CGI, a lost art has been created: the monster movie, sans monster. Creating a monster in the olden days was expensive. Having a good-looking puppet, or dare I say even something animatronic, would cost several hundreds if not multiple thousands of dollars, and could even require hiring a specialist to operate the creature. A lot of these older movies just didn't have the budget or the connections for that sort of thing.

The Boogens is one of those monster movies -- it's 90 minutes long, but for the first 75-80 of those minutes, you'll never guess what the monster looks like. It's all POV shots of... well, it could be anything, really. Does it have arms? Legs? Teeth? Claws? Wings? Is it large, small? You just don't know, and the only clues you're given are from first-person point of view shots as the monster skulks around in the shadows.

The movie tries to fill that void with stronger characters, and admittedly, the cast here isn't bad. There's some fun banter and decent characterization in the long, slow lead up to the monster finally taking action. But it just isn't enough. I eventually found myself getting bored, waiting for literally anything to happen. And that fun banter? Sometimes it's laid on just a little too thick.

The Boogens finally slams on the gas pedal in the last ten minutes, but for all the setup the payoff feels thin and rushed. It's a race against a creature we've only just barely been introduced to. It doesn't help that when the creature is finally given the spotlight, I found it to look more silly than scary -- and maybe even a little cute.

The Boogens is... tolerable, but not great. As a horror movie, it's just not very suspenseful. But you could do worse. That's the best endorsement I can give it.

Reviewed by Predrag 7 / 10

"You let them out!"

"The Boogens", despite its name, is a well paced horror film which pays justice to the cult monster movies of the 1950's. The editing style gives the viewer a well balanced blend of suspense, shock and gore to make the film both eerie and frightening. Old, forgotten evil and shunned places have informed some of the best horror ever since H. P. Lovecraft first set foot in haunted Arkham. Therefore, "The Boogens", with its eerie mine shafts and mysterious creatures has a lot going for it. Thankfully, the director doesn't saddle the film with dumb-as-dirt characters and goofy clichés. We actually come to care for these people(a titanic achievement for many of today's filmmakers). A great emphasis is placed on generating suspense in lieu of tiresome "pop-ups." A product of budgetary concerns, this nonetheless works in the film's favor. If the titular monsters are less than life-like, at least the smart editing obscures this.

On the plus side, the cast is kind of fun, with recognizable faces Rebecca Balding (Silent Scream and TV's Soap) Fred McCarren (Xanadu), Anne-Marie Martin (Dori Doreau on TV's Sledge Hammer!) and veteran character actors John Crawford (all over 60's and 70's television, like Batman and Mission Impossible) and Jon Lormer (Creepshow). The Boogens themselves are mostly represented through low to the ground point of view shots for the first hour or so in classic pre CGI monster movie style until they are finally revealed in all their early 80's animatronics glory near the climax. All in all, this one almost succeeds, but the draggy middle and lack of exposition end up making it only for 80's horror completists in the end.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.

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