Summer Lovers


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 3511


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Daryl Hannah as Cathy Featherstone
Peter Gallagher as Michael Pappas
Hilary Shepard as Camp Fire Girl
Carole Cook as Barbara Foster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leplatypus 10 / 10

Swingers vacations (vhs)

The content is actually a bit hot: a young couple goes into vacations and each one loves and get intimate alone or together with the same woman… Today, it would be an almost porn movie whereas in the 80s, it's like a spicy enchanted experience: sure the movie is lucky to have a young Darryl but we don't see much of her skin and we recall foremost her soft, sweet attitude! In addition, their vacation happens in the most beautiful place for that, Santorini Island! I went there like us, in the summer and really, blue sky, blue sea, white houses are really like paradise! It's filled with great pop songs of the 80s (Johnny & Mary) and the story has the real flavor of those summer loves that never last. So it's really a great movie, just to get out of a dark, bleak daily life!!

Reviewed by Matthew_Capitano 2 / 10

Eroticism Wannabe

A young couple travels to the islands and discovers sexual freedom.

During their stay, they encounter a young beautiful woman (Valerie Quinnesson) who involves them in a mutual love triangle. Things are going swimmingly until the mystery girl disappears. Her reason? She was afraid because she knew the vacation was going to end soon. For me, the flick cashes in any erotic chips it has when this sexually liberated chick turns goofy and runs away. That was the lame turning point for me. Also, the casting of the slight Peter Galliger as the male lead was a mistake. Pretty Darryl Hannah plays his young wife, though she's too good for the role.

Film is not on par with other films that deliver the chic goods that this one tries to fabricate.

Reviewed by sussmanbern 6 / 10

Your Fantasy Acted Out

If you're a woman, you've probably always wanted to visit the Mediterranean islands, bask in the bright bright sunshine, swim in the blue blue water, and dance on the white sandy beaches.

And if you're a guy, you're probably always wanted to make it with two good looking babes who seem to be OK about that arrangement.

Either way, you get your wish with SUMMER LOVERS. Michael and Cathy (Peter Gallagher and Daryl Hannah), two college-age sweethearts have come to a Greek island as a sort of pre-nup romp. It's a little tough to figure out if either of them has a genuine job back in the States; Michael seems to have some slight interest in photography and Cathy has some slight interest in painting. Now you might suppose that Daryl Hannah would be more than satisfactory for any man alive, but before many days pass Michael is taking an interest in a sweet young thing in a neighboring cabin, Lena (Valerie Quennessen). Michael pursues her, chats her up, accompanies her to a nude beach, and manages to do with her what you might want to do if you didn't have Daryl Hannah waiting at home for you.

Almost immediately Michael is bringing Lena into his and Cathy's cabin, and it's sort of obvious immediately to Cathy that Michael expects her to make room in bed for Lena. Here I have to admit that my experience in such matters is very limited; I have never romanced anyone of Daryl Hannah's caliber, and if I did I am sure I would not risk it by introducing an unnecessary explosive like Valerie Quennessen. So I am somewhat astonished that Cathy doesn't require much persuasion to move over darling for Lena.

We have a brief moment of comic relief when Cathy's uptight mom (Barbara Rush) pops in for a brief visit to discover that what should have been a bonding preparatory for her daughter's wedding has turned into a three- way. Then Lena wants to get analytical and decides that the relationship is too superficial and leaves. Instead of her absence giving Michael and Cathy an opportunity to tighten up, the both of them seem to miss her keenly. What they don't know is that Lena also misses them - although, as she already pointed out, they don't even know her last name.

Spoiler: A couple of weeks later their vacation is over, Michael and Cathy are supposed to fly back to the States. But Lena rides her motorscooter over to the little airport and they all hug and kiss, and then run away from the airplane to continue their island love affair. Except, of course, Michael and Cathy have run out of money and their visas have expired and they are not permitted to get any jobs locally, and they don't speak the language, and Lena has none of those problems but how long can she sustain those two nitwits.

This is a fantasy -- nice sunny beaches, Daryl Hannah and Valerie Quennessen not wearing much. Like most of your fantasies, if this somehow became reality for you, so you'd have to live it through, it would turn into a real nightmare.

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