Sunrise in Heaven


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 849


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Dee Wallace as Marion
Jenn Gotzon as Terri
Bonnie Burroughs as Adult Jan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by charmingmarya 6 / 10

Sad story

Ok there something good in movies. It's about the Love story among them. It's incredible love!!! I didn't believe that there's a loving like this in real life! Anyway the problem is the scenes move slowly. It's a little boring

Reviewed by hehehekatie 1 / 10

Horrible movie.

Story is very slow and the actresses were so bad in acting. they act absolutely boring.

Reviewed by resan100 1 / 10

One of the worst romantic dramas I have seen.

The story is so cliche and unoriginal. The dialogue is boring slow and seem to have been scripted by a 4 year old.. The ending is also unbelievably bad. At the end the old man is about to die, but then has one more breath. You would think oh it is a miracle he will survive! No he won't. The nurse tells them it is normal when someone is about to die.. Only good thing about this movie is the somewhat cute girl with way too much make-up. Wow, such a waste of time..

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