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F.W. Murnau as Dancer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by e-clayton-01810 5 / 10


The camera movement in this film was surprisingly very complex, as well as the set design. There was a scene in the beginning of the film where the room looked very lopsided, like a silly house in an amusement park. I actually, thought that was a very artistic choice. Also, there was a tracking shot right after that scene which starts off super wide then becomes almost medium with little to no camera movements at all. For a silent film, I thought that was very impressive. Aside from the cinematography, the story was also very interesting and something that I would have never thought to make a movie about. The issue of infidelity but having that flipped so that the man falls more in love with his wife and so decides to not to cheat I thought made a really good statement.

Reviewed by austinfulton 10 / 10

A Drunk Piggy Masterpiece.

Comedy, Tragedy, Horror, Suspense. You name it, this film has it. This move is a masterpiece that has excelled at passing the test of time. Even though I do not know much about silent movies, I can still appreciate the scope and scale of this movie. The actor's and actresses were stunning, using their facial expressions to truly allow you to see what they are feeling and what they are saying. With so many themes in one movie, it seems to be a movie that others look to for setting the bar of great films. This review seems so vague because I would not like to spoil the plot for anyone who wants or needs to see this movie. This is, and seems it will always be a must watch film, for academic or professional or even amateur movies. This movie truly showed the potential in which films could go.

Reviewed by Antonius Block 9 / 10

Poignant and artistic

Director F.W. Murnau made an outstanding film in 'Sunrise', which is an emotional drama and real visual treat. The story of temptation is simple and stripped down to the point of not even having character names for the principals (The Man, The Wife, and The Woman From the City), but the theme is timeless, and Murnau wastes no time getting to the tension. The simplicity may bother some, but I liked how tight the storytelling was. We really don't know which way the story is going to go, and at different times find ourselves horrified, touched, and even tickled during moments of levity. Janet Gaynor delivers a strong performance, and demonstrated real range to earn the first ever Oscar for best actress. She is very cute in the scenes where she's playful, such as when she dances with her husband. George O'Brien and Margaret Livingston are solid too, but what makes the film truly special is how far ahead of its time it was in its direction. Murnau uses overlays, imagined sequences, interesting camera angles, and flat-out beautiful cinematography from Charles Rosher and Karl Struss, and there are brilliant shots in the moonlight, on the water, and in the city. Poignant and artistic, this is one not to miss.

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