The Deep End of the Ocean



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by raymond-15 7 / 10

Michelle Pfeiffer looks great and plays her role with passion

Here we have a story that starts slowly but develops into a tense emotional drama. Michelle Pfeiffer is not only nice to look at but she plays the role of a frantic mother in search of her abducted 3-year old with great passion and at times hysteria. Whoopi Goldberg who plays the part of top policewoman in charge of investigation gives a moving sympathetic performance. What I greatly admire in this actor is the clear enunciation of her speech. I missed not a word delivered with clarity and depth of meaning. The film explores the feelings of children and parents caught up in the problems associated with child adoptions. Where does this baby belong: with his biological mother or his adopted father? It's an interesting film because the problem is real and with us to-day. The ending may surprise you.

Reviewed by amphipolis 8 / 10

Pfeiffer's best performance since 'Dangerous Liaisons'

At last a good movie for Pfeiffer. Great performance. If you're a fan of Pfeiffer-and not only-it's well worth this. The stories with illegal adoptions make some people feel uncomfortable. However, this is a movie with great actors. Goldberg as Candy Bliss is great and Jonathan Jackson as Vincent (16 years old) is a very talented young actor. Generally the movie has 2-3 very POWERFUL scenes, go and see it!

Reviewed by movieguy1021 8 / 10

The Deep End of the Ocean: 8/10

"Kids don't just vanish up in smoke, kids don't just get lost, PEOPLE LOSE THEM!" Pat Cappadora (Treat Williams) yells in an argument to his wife Beth (Michelle Pfeiffer) about their three-year-old Ben being kidnapped while at Beth's 15-year reunion. It seems that seven-year-old Vincent (Cory Buck) didn't keep close enough of an eye. Beth's hysterical, and nobody knows what to do.

Flash ahead nine years. The baby Kerry is now nine years old. Vincent (now played by Jonathon Jackson) is a rebellious teen with a knack for hot-wiring cars. Pat has his own resturant in Chicago (named Cappadora's). Beth has given up photographing. When a boy, Sam Karras (Ryan Merriman), offers to mow their lawn, Beth takes photos. And, lo and behold, it happens to be little Ben.

Touching, superbly acted, well written, and emotionally moving. Pfeiffer and Williams give great performances. When Pfeiffer was hysterical, that seemed a little forced; other than that she was great. Williams delievered a strong dramatic performance, he was perfect in almost every way. The supporting characters delievered strong emotions and were very believeable.

Deep End's sap isn't falsely given to you: it's done in a very believable way, even if it does seem a little over-the-top and unlikely at first. Not many movies can truly force-feed you emotion and lump-in-the-throats, but this one does.

The plot twists actually were somewhat unpredictable. Actually, the movie was divided in half: the first half is when Ben is missing, the second is when Sam comes. When the finale comes in, I was surprised, even though they go for the "Hollywood Ending".

It definately didn't seem scripted. The human interactions were very real, and the chemistry between everyone (especially Jackson and Merriman) were extremely believeable.

The Deep End of the Ocean is a touching, sad, yet somehow satisfying yarn of family.

My rating: 8/10

Rated PG-13 for language and thematic elements.

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