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Billy Jayne as Justin Leahy
Albert Salmi as Inspector Sturgess
Larry Pennell as George Leahy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by riotrr 9 / 10

I like it even with it's weaknesses

I like this movie despite it's flaws. This movie is not technically a great movie. The plot is pretty straight, some of the acting is spotty, and there's very little in the way of surprises. The biggest surprise for me was the fact that I liked this movie. This movie is a traditional horror flick, complete with killings by a supernatural "witch" that rises from death to administer death on many people who venture near her. This movie tries and succeeds in scaring the viewer, not only by handing out violent deaths, but by intense suspense as well.

If you like your horror traditional and scary, and you can overlook a few weak spots, then this movie is something that should interest you!

Reviewed by candygirlejected 9 / 10

a witch determined to get even with anyone who nears black pond!

this movie is great to be low budget! one of the best i have seen in a long time! kinda makes me laugh and shiver each time i watch it. truly a classic of it's time. add it to your collection right away! the mood is okay, the tone is spooky,the music is super and the story line makes sense.the first time i saw this movie on the shelf of a nearby mom and pop shop i read the back cover and knew right a way that this was not one of those lame phoney movies. i took it home poped into the VCR and was able to watch the whole movie from start to finish! although this movie did not spook me as bad as some others i have seen, it did loom gloom over me just while if u can find this movie rent it or better yet by it u won't regret it!

Reviewed by ericdetrick2002 6 / 10

Director influenced by Argento?

After watching the opening 10 minutes of this film I was happy to see the director wasn't afraid to "show it all" in the area of gore. Stylistically, I would really be surprised if the director and/or cinematographer wasn't influenced by Dario Argento. Some of the music reminded me of a slight take on what Goblin did for Argento films- but no where near as well of course. The good thing about mimicking a maestro such as Argento is that you have good taste in film making. The bad thing is...not many can "do Argento" like Argento. So many will walk away thinking it is a cheap ripoff.

For those not familiar with Argento's work, you should find this to be a refreshing take on the horror genre in the 80s time period. If you are like me, I enjoy "grade Z" movies more then big budget films if they entertain me. It is about entertainment. This film entertained me. There were even a few times that I actually felt a little creepy tension- something that doesn't usually happen with lower budget flicks.

If you are looking for big budget romps, then keep on renting movies on the "new rental wall" at Blockbuster. Otherwise, you may have some fun with this one.

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