Gekijouban Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


Action / Animation / Drama / Fantasy / Thriller

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Liam O'Brien as Archer
Sam Riegel as Shiro Emiya
Tara Platt as Caster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by enkephalin07 9 / 10

spectacular, but not very accessible

I've followed Fate/Stay Night through the visual novel and Fate/Zero sequel, so I had no difficulty following this, -- it kept me in fangasm! The animation, color and shadow was as bold and beautiful as the VN artwork, and far superior to the previous anime, and the powerful music expertly finished the work. These are all the features that kept me involved in the only Visual Novel I've ever completely read, and this was just as satisfying.

The romance between Shirou and Rin was unfortunately overshadowed by the clash between Shirou and Archer -- but it's Archer, so I can't complain (got GAR?) Punches were pulled with Ilya, toning down her scene which still managed to remain appropriately disturbing (enough to leave even Ilya-haters in shock.)

However I was occasionally distracted by how confused someone would be if not familiar with Fate/Stay Night, or who had only watched the anime. It's still engaging to watch, but so much of the meaning was sped past or glossed over that it would leave most bewildered through it. It was also littered with continuity nods that would please the fans but be lost on the unversed viewer.

So the rating I give this is only representative of my own enjoyment of it, but isn't likely to apply to anyone who isn't a Type-Moon fan.

Reviewed by Tman215 6 / 10

Decent movie if you're familiar with Fate/Stay night.

The plot of this movie is seriously lacking. If you are unfamiliar with the Fate/Stay night universe, you will find yourself quickly confused. Many, many important aspects of the story are skipped over to shorten it to around two hours. Characterization (One of the strongest parts of the Fate/Stay night VN) is almost not existent. Unlimited blade works is more of a collection of the stories' action scenes than a valid depiction of the story. This being said, the artwork and animation is well done. The voice acting is tolerable as well. If you know enough about FSN to handle the huge plot holes, I recommend watching this for the brilliant action animation alone.

Reviewed by boffley 7 / 10

Great looking movie, filled with action and fantasy, but hard to follow if you have not read the visual novel it was based on.

This animated fantasy action drama, is a story about a young man with an ideal about being a hero, and is suddenly thrown into a magical war with 13 other people set in teams of 2. The teams consist of a "Servant", a summoned hero, and their "Master", a mage that summoned said hero. During the movie, our idealist hero finds out what awaits at the end of his ideal. The voice acting depicts the characters in a realistic fashion that stays true to the original. The characters act close enough to the originals that it would be a truly great movie not a great looking movie, if not for the issues in story progression. While the movie itself looks stunning, the action scenes are great; the story has some plot holes that will leave you wondering what is going on; if you have not read the visual novel it is based on. The director does a good job in keeping the story close to the original, but again there are major plot holes that will leave anyone unfamiliar with the original wondering what just happened. This is most likely due to the fact that the original had at least 20 hours of reading in it, and the movie is only 107 minutes. Now that said, in the original the story takes place over 14 days, the movie makes it look more like 5, which makes the relationships between characters seem incredibly fast evolving. Now the movie does do a good job depicting all the action scenes in the original, it does leave out some critical info. However, it does follow the story of the original, making it out to be one of my favorite animated films.

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