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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
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Amber Heard as Six
Brittany Snow as Three
Kellan Lutz as Sneaky Pete
Kirstie Alley as Kirstie Alley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by charles000 8 / 10

Absolutely spot on!

Given how well this is put together (not to mention Amber Heard, who completely nails her character perfectly, and then some), it's a bit surprising this was not the big commercial success it could have been.

At the very least, it certainly did not deserve the rotten tomatoes rating, and other critical reviews it received.

But maybe, just maybe . . . that's the key to understanding this film, in that perhaps it strikes just a bit too close to home for many to actually feel comfortable with.

For those obsessed with Utopian fantasy and political correctness, advanced warning: this is not for you.

As so many of the other reviewers here have cited, this is a spectacular (if not more than a bit darkish) probe into the predatory, media frenzy driven universe of targeted demographic branding, and the uber self absorbed, shallow and soulless practitioners of this enterprise in its most extreme forms.

Yes, this film is described as a "romcom", but actually, this is somewhat in its own category, not neatly crammed into thematic descriptive box, which may have also partially contributed to its unfortunate commercial demise.

No, this is not a "feel good" fluffy film about girl meets boy in the corporate world and the adventures thereof. Far from it.

But from an entirely different perspective, as a near perfect examination character study of the sorts of bizarre people and their personal demons one can encounter in this environment, Syrup delivers.

As one who has actually spent a bit of time lurking about in the aforementioned environment, with said humanoids, with their personal demons ad nauseum and beyond, the stereotypes depicted here are all too real, and their existence as portrayed is, as previously suggested, perhaps much too close to home for some.

As for the actual romance part of the story, yes, it is interesting in its own right, although the ending could have perhaps been a bit different (no spoilers here).

But in the larger picture, as it were, the story (actually, there are several story threads woven together throughout) structure is more of a scaffold into which the various character studies are inserted, and a mosaic is constructed from which to get a glimpse into the dark intrigues of branding, targeted marketing, predatory media manipulation and beyond which has become the new norm of the millennial era.

OK, that probably wasn't the most politically correct last bit of commentary, but perhaps a dose of reality might be an appropriate reference to work with here, as is the message of the film.

Maybe not all will agree, but for my vote, a very solid 8.

Reviewed by Danilo Verginis 10 / 10

Great movie - Must watch movie

This is one really refreshing movie with very good actors, very good/real story in the sea of bad movies in last few years. Of course, I couldn't forgive some things like Shiloh's character but all men are not the same. It is the fact that people can be manipulated in many ways - in this case is shopping, marketing and ads. Amber Heard did a great job, one of her best roles until now. She is beautiful in many ways and show us how girl or woman can be different at home, at office, ... Scenes were great, color full and dynamic. Shiloh Fernandez and Amber Heard are one and only choice for 2 main roles. And 10 stars is because - at the and you aspect sweet Hollywood end but you don't get what you expect. My recommendation for all my dear IMDb fans, visitors, writers and readers - this movie is MUST WATCH movie. Greeting for everyone and HAPPY NEW 2015 YEAR to ALL. :)

Reviewed by sbra19 4 / 10

Seriously unconvincing lead.

I haven't read the book, but reading the comments it would appear as though its fairly different so I don't think this matters much as far as a review of the film is concerned.

The main thing that distracted me through the whole movie was the casting of Shiloh Fernandez as Scat, other than maybe having the look of a sleazy marketer, he seemed massively out of place as a male lead. I didn't think there was any chemistry between him and Amber Heard at all, any attraction between the two seemed totally implausible. He'd probably be fine in a supporting role, but not as a lead. I was wondering the whole time if his father financed the movie or something to get him the role.

Other than that the movie was OK, it did seem to be trying to hard to be cool and edgy and didn't really pull it off. Sure it had a tiny budget, but if anything doing things on a shoe string should make a movie more cool and edgy, but it wasn't at all. Everything that was meant to be cool seemed forced and cliché.

On the positive side, I thought Amber Heard was great as 6, as was her character. I can see why the ending left a few unhappy, but I think it was better to do what they did than just some by the numbers rom-com ending.

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