Take Shelter


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 83299


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Jessica Chastain as Samantha
Michael Shannon as Curtis
Katy Mixon as Nat
Shea Whigham as Dewart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by linerider 1 / 10

Worse than waterboarding!

Nothing happens in this film. NOTHING!! I thought watching paint dry was the most boring activity on Earth, then i saw this horrible film! Its just over 2 hours of watching some average guy, doing an average job and living an average life. Then in the last 10 seconds some natural disaster is supposed to take place. That's it! It drags on, and on and the viewer is hoping for something to happen, but it doesn't. It has no story, it has no meaning or message. This movie offers nothing! It just is!

This "film" easily falls under the category as cruel and unusual punishment, and this type of garbage should be banned or come with a huge warning label!

This is seriously a horrible, horrible "film"

Reviewed by PubHound 8 / 10

A gripping story with a "biblical" feel to it

Literary references aside, this movie truly grasps the spectator until the end, with its perpetual ambiguity and the amazing performances given both by Shannon and Chastain. Although slow, there's never anything redundant or superfluous, not even the dream sequences, that give more pathos and dread to the whole story, that comes to life also thanks to an amazing cinematography and a dreamy score.

Reviewed by Dylan 1 / 10

So Bad It Will Make You Angry

This movie fails. Utterly and completely. Even those reviews that praise the movie concede it is "slow" and "challenging." They are right. This movie is so slow, but you keep watching it because you keep waiting for an answer to the key question, "Is the main character crazy or prophetic?" In the end, you will feel cheated.

120 minutes of the movie lead you down the path of believing the main character is crazy. These are the key events of the first two hours of this movie: the main character's life unravels piece-by-piece until he is broke, he has no job, his child's needed surgery cannot occur, his best friend hates him, and his wife is contemplating leaving him. Meanwhile, his family and friends try in vain to help. If this kind of human misery and suffering is something you enjoy watching, have at it, but also know it's been done a lot better a lot of times.

The ultimate betrayal in this movie is that the only thing that keeps you watching is finding the answer to the question of whether the main character's dreams are insane delusions or a premonition. If he was crazy, the movie could have ended with the main character repairing his life and getting the help he needs, but then within the last 30 seconds of the film, the script reveals he was actually right all along, but then just ends. Wha-wha-what? If the story takes the premonition route, it has some obligation to explain what exactly this premonition is of? Why he is the only one seeing it? Does he and his family survive? Why premonitions of the storm include such silly things as furniture floating? A decent script would have paid the viewers some amount of respect and attempted to tell the viewers SOMETHING. No. The moment we learn that he actually did predict a storm, the screen goes black. No questions are answered. No story is told.

And if I see one more review telling me how beautiful this movie has been shot, I may just have to pour lemon juice into my eyes. Yes, the movie looked good, but how does that make up for a missing plot? Or glacial pacing? It doesn't.

I did not plan on writing this review. I wanted to go to bed after this 121-minute waste of time ended, but the final scene (i.e., revealing snippet of long-awaited answer and then goes black) made me so viscerally angry that I had to say something.

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