Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 21%
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Megan Fox as April O'Neil
William Fichtner as Eric Sacks
Alan Ritchson as Raphael
Will Arnett as Vernon Fenwick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slicedbread117 5 / 10

Missing the basics of a great TMNT movie

Like many other people, the original 1990 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie has a very special place in my childhood. Even if the movie wasn't all that great, it was fantastic for what it was trying to be. Now we're in 2014, where our beloved turtles have been given a whole new lick of paint with a straight-up reboot and have the daunting task of winning the long time TMNT faithful over. Needless to say that for the most part, I am one fan that was not entirely won over.

First and foremost, the Turtles. What is the fundamental premise of the TMNT? They're wise-cracking, pizza-eating, energetic teenagers that just so happen to be mutated ninja turtles that fight crime. The Turtles are goofballs, but in 2014, it's a little bit of a different story. There's still the humor, the jokes and comedy, but now the turtles are massive 6-foot-tall, muscle-bound turtle-men who have a very gritty feel to them, and when they're not in action, look way too real and off-putting. If they weren't green and didn't have shells, the Turtles would literally just be your average hulking action heroes. This franchise is about giant turtles who do martial arts. It's a goofy concept. Giving the Turtles a gritty makeover seems to miss the appeal of the characters in a fundamental way. However, despite the poor design choice of the Turtles, they really are a joy to watch. It might be a lot more serious than you'd expect from TMNT, but the Turtles are still wildly entertaining and more action-fueled than ever with the help of solid effects and choreography that bring the Turtle action to life. If you can withstand the eyesore that the Turtles' design brings, then there is still a lot of old school TMNT magic to revisit.

For the movie's main plot, you have what is essentially the most painfully basic, generic action story that a film can get. The movie is so predictable, it's almost laughable. What is also very disappointing is that the Turtles are no longer fighting crime, even though that's what is essentially believed, but a basic supervillain. Yes, the ultimate TMNT villain Shredder is in the film, but not only does he not get the screen time or proper development he deserves, he's basically cast aside as a secondary villain to the "I'm rich but have to get richer" villain that is Eric Sacks. It's disappointing to not be able to see the Turtles fight their way through dozens of foot soldiers like the old days, with all of the witty remarks during combat intact. There are still funny lines sputtered during combat, but the action scenes are so limited that there's simply not enough of it.

Not helping is the horrendous casting of Megan Fox as April O'Neil. In 1990, April O'Neil was the hot shot news reporter that made the amazing discovery of the Turtles and she developed an amazing bond with them. She was important to the story no doubt, but wasn't essential in the Turtle's story. Fast forward to 2014, and now April is nothing but the center of attention for everything in the movie, even essential back story information about the Turtles. Megan Fox amazingly gets much more screen time than the Turtles, and every time she comes on screen I cringe until our shelled heroes return. Not every action movie has to have an epic story line or to feel gritty and real. TMNT is supposed to be all about the opposite, but the unfortunate presence of producer Michael Bay is clearly felt in the direction of the film. From the camera shots, to the serious tone of the action to the slow motion parts, this movie has too much of a focus on seriousness, when it should be taking itself very lightly.

Like I stated earlier, despite the off-putting design and feel of the Turtles, they still are a lot of fun to watch and are the lifeblood of the film. What is missing, however, is the strong character development of the Turtles. There isn't enough down time in the movie to really get to know them. Some of the best moments of the 1990 film were in the form of the Turtles hanging out, making jokes, eating pizza and training together. That chemistry was not felt as strongly in the new TMNT and the movie just assumes that you all ready know who and what each Turtle is all about. But all you really find out is that one is a jokester, one's a tech geek, one's the leader and one has anger issues. More down time and better character development would've given the Turtles the extra boost to make them the incredibly entertaining bunch they're meant to be.

Being such a huge TMNT fan, I wanted to have higher expectations for this reboot. But with Megan Fox and Michael Bay attached, the poor look and design of the Turtles, along with the general off-setting feel of the film, I had to come in with lower expectations. There are some wonderful action sequences and the Turtles bring enough pop to the movie to make them likable and fun, but sadly, my low expectations were met in this failed attempt the reboot a childhood classic.


Reviewed by tsotetsitshepo 3 / 10

Kill the Girl

Personally like the Turtles they are strong and there costumes are absolutely phenomenal even though people don't like them. But I see them as the only authentic thing in the movie and also the only thing that took time to be created.But as for the Girl who is supposedly the main character i think she needs to be given a common sense or killed in the second movie. That girl is a pain in the lower part of the back. trust me if the second installment is to be hailed as a great movie .That chick must die or become mute,which ever one gets her to shut her trap.Cause seriously her random screaming ain't workings for me.I give this movie a 3.for the Turtles and of course their swag.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 10 / 10

Be one with the blade

This is a film I had put off watching for two reasons. The first was that I didn't grow up this this series. While I was familiar with it, I wasn't a fan. The second reason was because I couldn't stand the last film and feared I was going to watch a sequel being lost from the beginning. I discovered my fears were unfounded as this story starts from the beginning with an updated mildly hip-hop version of the series.

Meagan Fox stars as April O'Neill, the froth reporter who has ties to the group. She is aided by her "nerd" camera man (Will Arnett) who wants to have ties to her, The Turtles are up against the Shredder, an evil Samurai robot who leads the Foot Clan intent on taking over NYC.

This is a fun predictable action popcorn film. It is not on the Avenger level of films (what is?) but one the kids can enjoy without thinking too much.

Guide: Cartoon style violence. "Sh**, Damn, hell"

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