Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 1293

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Tilda Swinton as Rosetta / Ruby / Marinne / Olive
Jeremy Davies as Sandy
Karen Black as Dirty Dick
James Urbaniak as Agent Hopper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darth_borehd 8 / 10

Heavily symbolic and metaphorical but not much technology or lust

Don't be fooled by the provocative title and the R-rating, this film has only implied sex and only the briefest nudity. Rather, it is a thought-provoking but odd piece of work that delves into the meaning of relationships between men and women, the need to experience life's pain along with pleasures, and the different roles that we play to survive in society. The film is about a scientist who creates three computer generated/robotic duplicates of her own self. The duplicates exist in a virtual reality "safe" from the harm that the real world can levy on them. As the film progresses, we see through the interactions with the main character that they have become her alter egos. Trouble brews when they start to become self-aware and want more freedom. As I watched the film I was surprised by the apparent low budget it was made with but how it outshines most big-budget Hollywood blockbusters in its depth and scope. The acting is OK but amateurish, with occasional bad timing and wooden responses. The dialogue seems to get a little too long and pretentious at times and you have to be very attentive to catch the double entendres and metaphors in order to keep up with the script. Despite all this, it was a very good movie that proves that there is under-appreciated talent out there that Hollywood refuses to acknowledge. People that liked films like Slaughterhouse-5, Orlando, or the Handmaid's Tale would be advised to give this film a try.

Reviewed by nikmaack 3 / 10

Baffling and Cheesy

Why do the female computer programs have to inject themselves with sperm? And how do you get sperm inside of a computer program, anyway? These kinds of questions needs answering. It's not the sort of thing you can gloss over.

This film is weird and silly and stupid. It's watchable -- I sat through the entire thing -- but it's utterly baffling. Things happen for no reason, problems are resolved effortlessly, no real tension to speak of, the science is glossed over and meaningless, the dialogue is goofy, there are holes in the plot that can swallow suns, and it's all very strange.

Some of the sets are interesting, some of the acting is just plain bizarre. John Kornbluth -- the fat, bald man from "Haiku Tunnel" -- is particularly out of place. The picture's well filmed, and overall it's a very unusual movie -- but not unusual enough to be good. But not so bad that it's painfully bad.

I have this odd feeling that there was some sort of metaphor at work here. Is it all about feminism? Technology? Lust? Finding yourself? What the hell is it about? I don't know -- and neither will you, if you can bring yourself to watch this film.

Warning: It's cheesier than a mouse convention.

Reviewed by insightstraight 7 / 10

Like a Sufi tale, it has layers

I purely love movies which sharply polarize the viewers! These are the films which consistently make worthwhile viewing -- regardless of how we feel about the film, there are enough people with opposing viewpoints that we can consider for a fresh insight on things...

"Teknolust" is this process, in small. To some, it seems dull, to others, thoughtful. Some find it obvious and crudely drawn, others see it as a symbolic metaphor. Some belabor the obvious scientific inconsistencies, while others focus on the human side of things.

This movie is something of a landmark, being the first(?) feature-length production to be shot entirely in digital 24P. The sharp visuals are the result of this. (No technical stuff, but 24P is a step toward making digital video more "film-like". It is interesting to note that the director still chose to keep, and exaggerate, the "digital feel" for the production.) Tilda Swinton is definitely a draw -- one of my favorite actresses, utterly fearless, and it is delightful to see her with so much to work with. LOVED her interpretive dance -- sheer fun! Upon considering the reviews which felt the acting to be hopelessly wooden, I can see where they are coming from. But it may well be that this was a deliberate approach by the director -- doesn't Rosetta tell Ruby to be "more robotic" on her web portal, as she is starting to appear "too real"? The more I think about it, the more it seems to me that the slightly detached acting was yet another mechanism to make us question what is real and what is only presented to us.

The movie features many wry little jokes -- I love that Rosetta's geneticist associate is named "Crick" (Crick & Watson & Wilkins were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962 for discovering DNA) -- and I suspect that further viewings will reveal more. Lots of little questions, too -- like why does Agent Hopper have little adhesive bandages on his face, in different places during the movie? Does he have a disease? There are also some interesting questions raised about our reality in a digital world. How many copies are we removed from the original? At what point does copy degradation set in? (The copy center employee who is fascinated by skewed, imperfect copies is a brilliant concept for a character.) For many people, daily and digital lives are overlapping. What would it be like if they blended, with just as much casual copying and exchanging of information? (A virus is essentially an information packet.) Is "real" reality ultimately more desirable than digital "reality"?

I look forward to watching Teknolust again. With an open mind. And a touch of dream. And some friends, to discuss it with afterward.

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