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Seth Green as Tyler Burns
Clint Howard as Jarvis Tanner
Peter Scolari as Charles Danson
Rance Howard as Sheriff Parker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ericdetrick2002 8 / 10

A surprisingly fun and gooey b-movie flick!

If you are in the mood for a fun horror movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and has all the right gross out gimmicks- check it out. If it wasn't for a friend mentioning this movie title I would have passed it up. But I trusted his judgment since he is a horror aficionado- and I read some decent reviews in some of my old issues of Fangoria/Gore Zone.

The acting is silly, but it is obvious that this is the way it was written. The key difference between a movie like Ticks (Infested) and some really bad Sci-Fi Channel movie is that everything is done in the Evil Dead 2/ Bad Taste slap stick kind of way. And they go for the gross out money shots in every other scene (lots of pulsating blistering skin waiting to explode, etc). And thank God this didn't have any of the cheesy computer animated gore and FX. I love the latex, goo, and prosthetic body parts of the old school- even if it does look fake. At least you know the actors are actually interacting with it rather then a "green screen".

So, gather a few friends, kick back a few beers or Mountain Dews, and be prepared to rewind a few scenes so you can watch them again!

Reviewed by Phroggy 8 / 10

Lean and mean

I don't really understand the criticism about this film ; maybe if it had a 50 millions $ budget, everybody would find it "cool"? Tony Randel did his best and the movie still boasts good production value despite the numerous troubles they had on the set. This one's mean, politically incorrect (no "back-to-the-nature" crap) and without the shoddy humour and cute one-liners everybody seems obliged to include in his horror just because Freddy said so (c.f. "Nightwatchers"). I saw it three times with friends who enjoyed it as much as I did. And I don't care if some of the actors ended up in some moronic TV fodder for brainwashed teenagers. Not a great movie (unlike Brian Yuzna's "Return of the living dead 3"), but strong, however.

Reviewed by Dave-330 10 / 10

One of the greats

I know that a lot of people are highly critical of this movie, because most of the plot is lacking and the acting is not impressive, but I still greatly enjoy this movie. Don't get me wrong, it is a "B" movie, but the superb direction and special effects more than make up for the lame plot. Seth Green is the main character and upon viewing this movie the first time about three years ago, I realized that he could actually act and now everyone is picking up this movie because of name recognition. That's fine by me, but to the Seth Green fans out there, he plays a total geek in this movie. Seth Green may be the main character but this movie is tailored to the die hard "B" movie fan, with Clint Howard and Ami Dolenz doing their usual bits and Peter Scolari (The other "Bosom Buddy") doing his best not to laugh as he delivers his lines. Oh yeah, the guy from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" is in this too, and I believe he and Howard did some of their best acting in this film. Unfortunately, Dolenz is wasted, as her character is never even remotely close to effecting the plot. She's there as something to look at and for the posters and box covers. Roselind Allen also goes through the motions and is also wasted in her role. Like I said at the start, this is a special effects and directorial masterpiece, but cheesy dialogue, a weak plot and limited acting ability hurt this film. Still if you're into effects, this movie is better than most, especially considering the perceived lack of a budget.

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