Thank You for Smoking


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 206019


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Katie Holmes as Heather Holloway
Sam Elliott as Lorne Lutch
Rob Lowe as Jeff Megall
Maria Bello as Polly Bailey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nathan Laing 8 / 10

Best Social Satire no one is Talking About

"Thank you for Smoking" is the best social satire and downright controversial character study that no one is talking about.

Eckhart leads a fantastic cast as a lobbyist for big tobacco as the film explores the ups and downs that come with the job. The screenplay features almost Sorkin like dialogue that is endlessly entertaining to watch be performed especially in the scenes with the "MOD squad" or "Merchants of Death"

With Eckhart at career best, a fantastic screenplay, biting social satire and Sam Elliott in the role he was born to play this movie is a must see.

Reviewed by atesimyuksek 7 / 10


This film included and encourage having sexual affair, and envy to have this kind of relations. So what have to we do? First buy some cosmetics, of course,buy some condom, buy perfume, go some place which you can have somebody. Make baby, have an abortion or not, have the baby, hospital expenses, when baby comes out buy diaper... Etc. So my point actually Hollywood's sexist mentality itself makes money.... I'm not sure I can make my point but this film zeroize itself. Anyway...

Reviewed by patomartinezfgo 10 / 10

An amazing comedy you will hate to love

This movie has been in my radar for a while. I have seen some people talk about it and its controversial topic. So I finally decided to look it up myself.

This movie had me dying from laughter one second, and then thinking about freedom and decision making.

Many people won't like the main theme of the movie because its very controversial. But I believe that controversy is what gives it the humour and the thoughtfulness it contains.

Some people will say that this movie is cigarette propaganda, but if you see closely, not one cigarette is smoked throughout the whole film, because that is not the point. The movie uses smoking to give out some very interesting and hilarious ideas about our society.

This has become one of my favourite comedies of all time.

I really loved the films style and color scheme concentrating on browns and blues which is not seen very often now-a-days. The performances were great specially JK playing the mean boss.

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