The 13th Warrior


Action / Adventure / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 110772


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Antonio Banderas as Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan
Tony Curran as Weath - Musician
Omar Sharif as Melchisidek
John DeSantis as Ragnar - Dour
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlorianSchirner 9 / 10

Great Viking Fantasy

Yeeeaaah!...This is definitely one of my Top 5 Favourites. Why? OK lets expound. First, the camera and editing. It's fabulous in my opinion. Fast paced, but not too fast,with great scenic shots. I don't like the modern MTV-Style of editing with its fast cuts and sweeps. I like it a bit more subtle. And this is done here. The scene at the watchtower for example, esp. the moment when the camera lingers a moment on Banderas, when he is looking for the mist. Great! Second, the scenery and production design. These guys should be very proud. Apart from one type of armor (Helfdane the fat), which is a bit too modern (It looks like a Spanish Conquistador-Armor), all look very neat and stylish (As a Live-role-player I have to say, I envy Bullwyf for his cloak). The weapons look real and authentic too. The buildings in the village and the great hall look like original replicas they have in Scandinavian museums. Third, the cast. Perfectly cast through all roles. My personal favourites are Diane Venora as the Queen, Sven Wollter as King Hrothgar and Kulich as Bulwyf. But all the others deliver peak performances. Last but not least is the script. I read the book "Eater of the dead" before I saw the movie. I liked the story and used it in several P&P RPG-sessions but after the film...whoooah. They took all, that is possible to put in the movie and made that movie. Personally, I rate the movie better than the, not better, more entertaining, since the book is more of a documentary.

Reviewed by ajlept 8 / 10

Very well made entertaining movie

I found myself glued to the television despite my inability to understand most of the early dialog in The 13th Warrior. Curiosity kept me from turning away and the action hooked me. Antonio Banderas' performance is intelligent and understated. He may headline, but the unknown actors take the lead with very strong performances. Omar Sharif is certainly recognizable, but of limited exposure here. It's sad that he belittled such a great movie because of it's box office failure. This movie has a LOTR feel about it without the high end production. The production here is just right for the story and cast. The main attraction over LOTR is that it only runs 103 minutes. Beware, if you are easily affected by carnage. But, if you enjoy a classic tale of good vs. evil and competitive action, you will embrace this adventure.

Reviewed by jimbo-53-186511 5 / 10

Reasonable, but considering this is a Crichton/McTiernan collaboration I expected a lot more

Ahmed Ibn Fahdian (Antonio Banderas)is extradited to the north by the Sultan after he falls in love with his daughter. On this journey, he stops at a Viking village and learns that a nearby kingdom is being terrorised (after the son of the King visits the village and asks their leader Bullwyf - Vladimir Kulich for help). Bullwyf and his associates agree to help the little boy and Fahdian is randomly selected as the 13th warrior and helps both Bullwyf and the boy's family to defend their kingdom...

I've actually just re-read my summary for the film and deduced that it doesn't make much sense, but to my recollection that is exactly how the story is established so I can only apologise and reiterate things exactly how I saw them...

Part of the problem with this film lies with its vague narrative; Fahdian is conscripted as the 13th warrior because the 13th warrior must not be from a Norse or Northern background. Oh how convenient? Of all the villages, in all the tents in all the world you just happened to walk in to mine... Quite why the 13th warrior cannot be a Norse warrior is anyone's guess - maybe it's explained in Crichton's novel, but hell it's certainly never explained in the film. I also found it strange that Fahdian seemed to be able to understand the Norse people's language and his explanation for understanding them is because he 'listened' - what that's it?? I've listened to people speak in other languages, but I'm still struggling with English so this makes no logical sense.

OK, so the script has some ropy elements to it, but I was encouraged when I saw McTiernan's name on the open credits and felt sure that I would bear witness to some top quality direction... Nope the directing that I witnessed was actually very average; there were nowhere near enough action sequences, an unnecessary and unbearably long and dull set-up. The film is also way too serious and the fantasy/sorcery element was overdone and not particularly interesting.

To be fair, the 13th Warrior isn't a total waste of time; there are a few decent action sequences (where McTiernan seems to have remembered some of what he was capable of with Predator and Die Hard) and the story is serviceable and moves along at an OK rate - at times it does have an old-fashioned adventure feel which always ensures that it's watchable.

However, like I've said considering that this is the brainchild of talented people like Michael Crichton and John McTiernan it's hard not to feel a bit disappointed in this rather wishy-washy action adventure film - particularly knowing how great their films have been individually prior to this rather average collaboration.

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