The Abandoned


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
IMDb Rating 5 10 3932


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Jason Patric as Cooper
Louisa Krause as Streak
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hnhovitz 1 / 10

Boring as hell with a sad excuse for an ending that infuriates.

There is so much to be upset and frustrated with here, but the greatest offense is to end with the "twist" that negates an excruciating 80 minutes of wandering through the world's most boring museum. The "twist" is not a twist. It is a middle finger given to you by a random person, and you can't for the life of you figure out why. Any horror movie that allows this plot device deserves a swift toss in the trash. I'll let you play "guess the cliché" but sadly, the cliché doesn't even make sense. It wasn't even scary along the way! It was just confused. The only way anyone could possibly enjoy this film is if they're an architecture student who enjoys long, boring shots of pillars and hallways and also enjoys the exploitative nature of a sub-plot surrounding the abuse of mentally challenged and physically deformed children. Infuriating. You can find the sad excuse for a WTF ending Wikipedia or anywhere else if you want to find it, so I suggest you do so and save yourself the internal flatlining that'll hit by the time the credits roll (oh, and that's kind of a nod towards the ending).

Reviewed by vindalootiger 6 / 10

Good and Bad

So I am quite a fan of bad horror and sci-fi movies. I was watching this one afternoon. The start was typical and quite pedestrian for this genre but it got much better towards the end. I would like to note the facility they filmed in is quite beautiful. For a low budget movie with a small cast I think the film makers did a great job, cinematography was lacking in some parts but over all it was good. Expect unanswered questions and some gaping plot holes especially near the end but I believe this was more of a psychological thriller in many parts. Character development was decent as well. There have been much worse movies that that got much better ratings. It is defiantly worth seeing.

Reviewed by Grudge D. (nwkid) 8 / 10

An authentic movie for horror fans

This is a great late night movie if you are a horror/mystery fan and if you can swallow a couple of clichés here and there. The ambiance in the movie is authentically creepy, with some decent jump scare moments. Both the actors (Jason Patric and Louisa Krause) performed their roles extremely well, their characters are believable and I liked the Streak much, because she was likable and very hot in some scenes. The ending was great and I don't think it was predictable. I would definitely love to see more work from this director and Louisa Krause in some different roles.

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