The Absent Minded Professor


Action / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 6529


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Keenan Wynn as Alonzo P. Hawk
Ed Wynn as Fire Chief
Paul Frees as Loudspeaker Voice / Air Force Dispatcher
Fred MacMurray as Professor Ned Brainard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 6 / 10

Just Silly Disney Fun

Fred MacMurray plays the vacuous title character who ignores everything in life when it comes to a new discovery. Even his own discoveries don't impress him. While he is perfecting the anti-gravity substance, Flubber, his world is collapsing around him. But he doesn't even know it. There are wonderful scenes in this movie. The stuff has crazy properties and when the high school basketball team gets their hands on it, it's utter madness. MacMurray is scheduled to be married, but while he putzes around, another man, Keenan Wynn, is sneaking in on his territory. His fiancée is becoming more and more fed up as time goes along. The sequels were never quite as delightful as this one. Just don't take it too seriously.

Reviewed by OneEightNine Media 8 / 10

Fun Flick

This is actually a very fun movie. And also somewhat funny. It is more of an entertaining story than an outright comedy. I saw this on AMC and the guy presenting it said The Absent Minded Professor is Disney's second live action film. He also pointed out that a remake of this was made starring the late Robin Williams. Anyway, the special effects are dated (if you can actually call them special effects) but the scenes with the Professor's car lifting into the air and flying off are somewhat magically; especially in black and white. This film is fun for all ages and I highly recommend it. The movie is about a scientist who keeps forgetting his wedding because he is so focused on his experiments. He ends up inventing a substance with exponential potential energy and uses it to make a flying car, help basketball players win a game and help him win back the heart of his soon to be bride. Like I said, it is fun and you'll enjoy it. I'm not sure why it is only ranking around a 6.8 on IMDb but whatever.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

fun classic Disney for the first hour

Ned Brainard (Fred MacMurray) is an accident-prone professor in Medfield College of Technology. Betsy Carlisle (Nancy Olson) tries to marry him for the third time. Despite all the precautions, he still can't make it to the ceremony after a lab accident which creates an incredible substance Flubber. Professor Shelby Ashton is all too happy to pick up the pieces with Betsy. Ruthless businessman Alonzo Hawk is threatening the college by withholding a loan renewal and building track housing over the college. He is also not happy with Brainard's treatment of his failing son. Brainard keeps failing to explain Flubber to Betsy. Alonzo Hawk figures out Brainard's secret and looking to make a bundle off of Flubber. However, Brainard wants to give his discovery over to the government.

This black and white Disney film is fun magic for the first hour. Fred MacMurray is full of charms. I really like the small town feel. It's so much fun. The only drawback is the involvement of the military. It doesn't feel like the right fit for a fun family movie. Also it doesn't make sense that people still don't believe him after seeing it in action. The second half does have its silly charms and its idiotic fun.

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