The Adventures of Tintin


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 202610


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Daniel Craig as Sakharine / Red Rackham
Simon Pegg as Thompson
Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock / Sir Francis Haddock
Cary Elwes as Pilot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoosReviews 9 / 10

Visually stunning, perfectly done & thoroughly entertaining

I never saw the original Tintin cartoons and before this film new nothing about it.

I watched this film this evening, two years after its release .. and i'm left thinking, why did I not watch this film before now?!

This was such an enjoyable film, it was much, much better than i thought it was going to be, there are so many great things about this movie:

THE VISUALS: Easily one of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen, i wish i had watched this at the cinema - especially in 3d. The animation is perfect. it's bright, colourful and scarily lifelike. The characters, scenery and landscapes all look incredible and so creative. Even the opening credits look fantastic! I can't stress how good the visuals are in this film.

THE DIRECTION: Spielberg has done an incredible job here, nothing could have been improved in this aspect. The way the movie flows and the way the scenes intertwine and change is beautiful. There are scenes where it switches from past to present and back again in such a way that you just get lost in it.. you will understand what i mean when you see the movie. There are scenes of fights and chases which are so creative and so imaginative, the way he uses angles and the way everything links on is a real joy to watch. Its hard to explain, watch the film and you will know exactly what I mean.

However, the film is not just a visual feast like many films are. It has a good solid story with likable, interesting characters - I found the story line kept my attention throughout. A very original adventure/quest film, searching for hidden treasure and defeating the bad guys along the way!

I cannot recommend this film enough, i was so surprised by just how good it was. As i said earlier I am sorry I didn't go and see this in the cinema as it really would have been a fantastic experience.

Watch it!

Reviewed by Sevenmercury7 9 / 10

A rollicking good adventure

What begins as a fun, nimble little mystery in the first act soon kicks into comedy-action-adventure high gear when junior reporter Tintin, with his brave dog Snowy, stumbles upon boozy Captain Haddock (an excellent Andy Serkis), whose family legacy may prove pivotal in a race to uncover the secret of the Unicorn.

From that point on, it's more or less non-stop comedy—some fizzles, most of it works—with gags ranging from jaw-dropping blockbuster chase antics to throwaway background humour. Captain Haddock works brilliantly for the most part: he's unpredictable, endearing, and colourful in all the ways Tintin himself isn't. While the youngster is well played by Jamie Bell, he's mostly just there to work out the clues for the audience. Tintin and Haddock make for a good double-act, though: brains and brawn, cunning and in-over-his-head rashness; together they'd make a good Indiana Jones.

The plot is a by the numbers mystery/adventure/treasure hunt, complete with bumbling detectives (so-so comic support from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), exciting sea plane action and hidden clues, but it's brought to life in gorgeous visual style. While the script only comes alive in fits and starts, the whole film is bursting with rich detail, and is given added depth by a good, solid use of 3D. The virtual camera-work throughout is stupendous.

One extended chase sequence through the flooding streets of a North African city is so dazzling and dizzying it reminded me why no other filmmaker can match Spielberg when he lets his imagination out for a spin. Another action scene, told in flashback, depicts a breathless pirate showdown in a storm, and features some of the most playful transitions I've seen since Ang Lee's Hulk. There's a pretty good villain, too, played by a wily Daniel Craig.

Snowy, while definitely smarter than your average cute canine, is also given to chasing cats, digging up fossilised bones from the desert, and gobbling sandwiches at decidedly inopportune moments. In other words, he's an instant audience favourite.

All in all, it's a rollicking good adventure, one of Spielberg's most fun movies in a long time, and I'll be buying it on Blu-ray next year.

Reviewed by thehairthieves 4 / 10

Could have been great

I was really excited to see this film, as I'm a big fan of Tintin, both the comics and the TV series from the early 90s. I was also pleased to see that the American influence would be primarily limited to Steven Spielberg, with the cast being mostly British and also having Peter Jackson on board. Things started off quite well, with the film sticking closely to the comics and TV episodes, keeping a good pace which got me into the film early on. I was also very impressed with the motion-capture animation and the 3D effects, even if some of the characters didn't look quite right.

However, soon after Tintin and Haddock crashed in the desert, things started to go rapidly downhill. The key to this was the fact that the story suddenly veered off onto its own tangent, almost disregarding the original story and the fact it had based so much of itself on the originals up until that point.

What also infuriated me was the silliness of it. Of course, a film like this should have a dose of silliness, there's no question of that. But there was far too much, which really ruined it for me. The climactic scene of the duel in the cranes is a prime example of this. It was just too silly for me to take it seriously. Not only that, but this would never have been in one of Herge's original stories.

My last gripe is that the film seemed far too long, particularly towards the end. A lot of scenes could have been either shortened or cut all together, as they didn't further the plot or provide anything to the enjoyment. This is another reason why I didn't enjoy the climax of the film, I was bored by the time it got around to it.

Overall, I would say that this is a film which had great promise, as Tintin is perfect for an action-adventure movie, but the fact that a lot of the film ignores the original stories ruins any chances of that. I would say that any major deviation from the original stories should only have been done if absolutely necessary to make the film work.

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