The Doll 2


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 5 / 10

The Doll 2: More of the same

The second of The Doll trilogy (And the last for me to watch, my bad) this Indonesian horror is pretty much exactly the same movie as the other two and that is no exaggeration.

Another ghost, another doll, another twist, though make no mistake these films aren't killer doll movies at all and are closer to the possession horror sub-genre.

The third is certainly the best but all of them are watchable, just unshocking and rather generic stuff. Thankfully consistency, continuity and a recurring cast go a long way in helping the franchises credibility.

Some things defy belief though (And I'm not referring to the supernatural element) for example the houses our protagonists live in are near mansions. This is Indonesia, there is a very wide gap between the haves and have nots and based on what these people do for a living they'd not be living in such luxury. These houses are the type the wealthy in the west would struggle to afford!

Anyway I digress, the entire franchise is passable enough but once you've seen one you've truly seen them all.

The Good:

Follows on from part 1 well

Franchise has a competent cast

The Bad:

A few absurdities

More of the same

Reviewed by bangone 1 / 10

Don't even consider watching it

This is an utterly awful movie. While it is meant to be a horror/thriller movie, it totally fails to deliver horror/thriller experience.

This movie will just give you loads of cheap jump scares and awful storyline. Please don't make the same mistake with what I did, it totally wasted my time, and money.

Reviewed by diki_rpl1 1 / 10

Watch it as comedy with friends it will be 100 times better

Negative: Awful movie, don't know whats inside the director mind. Out of the bat tons of exposition dialog shove into viewer throat. Poor dialog delivery by most actor & actress. The writers don't know how logic and simple physic works especially how doors works. Cheap jump scares without build-up and suspense. Very dumb, idiotic and take them-self too seriously.

Positive: Luna Maya acting was good. Most of the camera works when they a serve purpose with intention is good.

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