The Ballad of Josie


Comedy / Western

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 824

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Doris Day as Josie Minick
George Kennedy as Arch Ogden
Peter Graves as Jason Meredith
John Fiedler as Simpson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by foggyday 5 / 10

I like it

I like Doris Day and try to get all her films in german. You cannot imagine how happy I was, when I received "The Ballad of Josie" ( Das Teufelsweib aus Texas )( german title). It's a rare film, but I like it because of Doris. Well, people who enjoyed "Pillow Talk" won't like to watch this one, I guess. In this film are some funny moments, for example when Doris wears jeans and surprise the men or when she is falling on the bed. But you can't compare it to her better films. I can only say, Doris is in it, some other good actors and the plot isn't bad at all.

Reviewed by nneprevilo 5 / 10

This Wasn't THAT Bad!

Doris Day, in my opinion has given only two "bad performances." One was in "Do Not Disturb" and the other in "That Touch of Mink." And, it wasn't so much Doris' was the scripts and unwise directors who tried to keep her pure as the driven sunshine.

"Ballad of Josie" had spunk. It was about a woman who decided to take control of her own life after having been a battered wife. She needed to take care of her little boy and she felt that she didn't NEED A MAN to do anything FOR her. We should be applauding, not hissing this independent woman.

Day didn't want to make this film (her husband had signed for her to do it), but she felt, "a deal's a deal." She put 110% into Josie Minick and she gave a VERY professional performance. No surprise to me, because Day always gave her all, even with drivel like "Disturb" and "Mink." As an actress, she fulfilled her obligation and then some in this part. Could Shirley MacLaine or Debbie Reynolds have given a more convincing performance? I think not. Doris' approach to any scene is so natural, people forget that she's acting. Therefore, audiences and critics ignore what an incredible job she's done, despite poor scripts.

This is not among Doris Day's great films, but she was wonderful in all of her scenes. The script? It wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't the worse. I felt that her supporting cast was well-represented by some of the best character actors in the business. She got marvelous support from Andy Devine, William Talman, Peter Graves, George Kennedy, John Fiedler, Audrey Christie, David Hartman, Elizabeth Fraiser, Paul Fix, etc. And, didn't she look incredible in those jeans?!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by cym-2 8 / 10

Warm, Funny, Good for the family fare.

A light hearted comedy based on both the range wars of the 1800's and the eternal battle between man and woman. If you're nostalgic for movies without a moral or a lesson, no violence and just plain fun, then this oldie but goo die is for you. Doris Day comes across as a spunky but humorous woman, trying to make her way in a man's world, and her antics are at times, almost classic slapstick. Peter Graves and George Kennedy offer wonderful foils against Doris Day, and even William Talman gets into the mood with more than a few bright quips. The characters of Klugg and Bratsch afford their own dry humor as they sit, observe and bet and comment on the activities of the other characters. The tone of the movie itself is upbeat and fun, and if you like light hearted family fare, then you could do a lot worse than spending an evening with this older flick.

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